How a 21-Day Meditation Challenge Helped Me Gain Back Control of My Life

It’s no lie that these constant restrictions enforced by our government on our daily lives have impacted our mental health in various different ways. Some might say they have it worse than others, but when it comes to mental health there is no room for competition. Everyone’s experiences are different, and we have to learn to accept that all of our emotions are equally important. So today, I am sat in my bedroom next to my divine smelling ‘Blooming Garden’ candle trying to share my experiences with you. My ups and downs during the past year and how I accidentally came across a 21-day meditation challenge, which has changed the way I look at everything around me. 

Why did I decide to try the 21-day meditation challenge?

Let’s begin with the first year of university; moving out of your parents’ house, creating new friendships, staying out all night and attending 9am lectures the next day, still a little drunk from the night before. Laughs and smiles, heartbreaks and heartaches, friends who become your family. That’s what it should’ve been, but all of it was taken away by tier systems, rules of six, social distancing, virtual learning, virtual meet ups and virtual love. Well, you know the story, you’ve been through it, and so you know how challenging it is to stay motivated and busy when there’s nothing to look forward to and when it seems like everything’s falling apart. I felt exactly that. I’ve always been a really positive and happy individual, with so many ideas, aspirations and goals, but gloomy and rainy days started to make it hard to wake every morning, no routine made it hard to stay on track with tasks that had to be completed. I became less active, my weight spiked up and every time I tried to do something that’s more than just scrolling on my phone, I got tired. I felt like I’ve lost all of my motivation and will to do anything, I mean what’s the point when one minute it seems like all restrictions are about to be lifted and the next, we’re back in prison. With this thought in my head, I was scrolling through my phone again, jumping from Facebook to Snapchat, from Snapchat to TikTok until I went on Instagram and came across @justskai story. She was collecting a group to join Deepak Chopra’s 21 Days of Abundance Meditation, so I decided to give it ago. I sent her a message with my phone number and why I wanted to join the group. I have nothing to lose, I thought to myself and a few hours later I was in the group reading the rules.

It was simple, for the next 21 days we would be given a task to complete and a recording of guided meditation to listen to. This would have to be completed within 24 hours and once done, confirmed in the group chat. If it was not completed within the set time, we had to leave the group so that the positive energy wasn’t disrupted. Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it? Believe me, it wasn’t. The tasks challenge you to analyse yourself in depth and understand your blocks, which for some is a lot harder compared to others. Nonetheless, throughout my short journey in the group, I documented all of my emotions in my gratitude journal. And so today, I decided to open this journal a few pages back, to the day that I started this challenge to share with you all the emotions I felt throughout the 21 days. 

  1. It felt like fate coming across this challenge on the day I felt so low. Something in my heart told me to go for it, at the end of the day, it wasn’t going to make me feel worse than I already did. 
  2. The first few days listening to meditation was challenging. I was struggling to focus, and my mind kept wondering off somewhere else, but with every day, it became easier and easier to let go and focus on being in the present.
  3. It helped me develop a routine. Every day I would wake up, read the task, and get on with my day, with the task in mind, completing it all before bedtime. To this day, I still keep doing a morning and evening meditation. It helps me keep my routine in place while starting and ending the day on a positive note. 
  4. I have noticed that I slowly started to attract things that I wanted. It was a Wednesday morning when I noticed that my yellow tulips have died. I love having fresh flowers in my room, so I thought, I’d buy some on the way back from work. A few days have gone by, yet I still kept forgetting to pop into a shop to buy some. You might think it’s a coincidence but that same week on a Saturday morning, my boyfriend bought me some gorgeous red roses. 
  5. With so little things to do during these lockdowns, the tasks helped me feel like I accomplished something in the day. There’s no better feeling than ticking a task off your list once done. 
  6. I became more motivated to do daily activities. I became more active; walking to work instead of driving as well as doing 10-minute morning workout routines.
  7. I’m more grateful for little things in life, such as living by the sea, sunlight in the bedroom as soon as I wake up or just being able to have a cup of coffee in bed.  Not only it made me appreciate my life more, but it also helped become more positive.
  8. Every day I had something to look forward to. It helped with my anxiety and stress after a long, hard day.
  9. It helps to reflect on the day, on all the little successes. We tend to focus on our failures more than our successes, but it’s important to give yourself credit for the little things too.
  10. It has helped me to let go of all the anger that I had towards people that have hurt me in the past. It has made me feel full of light and happiness instead of resentment. 

Unfortunately, this challenge is no longer available for free, however if meditation is something you would like to try to bring joy, prosperity and abundance into your life there is a free Deepak Chopra’s playlist on YouTube, which you can find here:

21 Days Of Abundance Meditation Challenge by Deepak Chopra

Written by Beata Gerasimovaite