How to be body confident on days you feel meh.

It’s no secret that bad mental health days are increasing due to many of our days stuck indoors, here are some top tips to keep you motivated and help you get through your day.

I am sure I am not alone in feeling meh at the moment when it comes to body positivity and selflove, these seemingly endless lockdowns have really tested everyone’s mental health. Although there seems to be an end in sight, a huge pressure has erupted to lose your ‘quarantine weight’. Whilst this is a positive change that some people may want to make, nobody shouldn’t feel compelled to do so.  For me, I personally struggled with weight and body image when the fitness craze hit in the first lockdown, I felt I had to dramatically change my body as I didn’t want to come out of this lockdown unfit, when I had no excuses to lose weight. This became an unhealthy obsession that resulted in a morphed view of myself; when I look in the mirror, I do not see the body or shape that I truly have I see something that is completely different.

‘Body Dysmorphia’ illustrated by Jessica Meyrick.

This obviously affects my day to day life some days I struggle so badly with body image that I cannot leave my bed, that is okay. It is okay to feel and experience your emotions, but here are top tips that should help you through those days where you can barely get dressed:


There are so many amazing mood boosting playlists on Spotify that will increase your mood in a short space of time. Some of my personal favourites are ‘Mood Booster’, ‘Happy Hits’ and ‘Happy Throwbacks’. This is ideal if you aren’t feeling like moving around too much, you can have a small bop in your bed and start to get that positive energy flowing. We also have loads of incredible playlists on our Spotify account, just search Carbon on Campus! My personal favourites are ‘Chill Sunday Morning’ and ‘Boyband Anthems‘, these really help to lift my spirits and get me moving!

Just simply search ‘Mood Boosting Playlists’.


One of my favourite things to do and a top tip of mine, is to have a social media detox every now and again. It helps you reconnect with reality and yourself, as we can all get lost in the illusions of social media. Just simply logging out for a bit or deleting certain apps can do you wonders! Use this time to remind yourself its okay to not be completing all your goals you had planned; we are still in a pandemic.


I don’t know about anyone else but for me watching my favourite tv show over and over gives me such a comforting feeling, basically a virtual hug. It helps me feel in control of both situations and my emotions by knowing exactly what will happen. So, snuggle down on your sofa with a cosy blanket and a cup of tea, get lost in that fictional world and let your imagine flow.


It can be really hard to rationalise a situation on your own, especially when you’re having a down day. Calling your friends or family when feeling low will help you realise that this feeling will pass, this lockdown will end, and you will all be together again soon. Talking to loved ones about how you feel will make things easier, even if its scary at first!

Illustrated by @byhelmium.

It’s so important to talk about your feelings and emotions, lets break the stigma together! If you have been affected by what has been mentioned, please click here for more information on Mental Health, Eating Disorders and how to get help, you are not alone.

Written by Anna Baker.