How to become “That Girl”

You may be asking yourself what an earth is ‘that girl’? If this, is you right now then you are in the correct place? “That girl” is a trend which has accumulated over the past year or so on the growing platform Tictok. It is essentially the wellness version of Hot Girl Summer. You know how there is always that one girl who totally has her life together, gets up early, eats salads, drinks healthy juices, and works out daily. Well now Tictok girls are trying to be like this girl. This trend started by these girls posting little daily vlogs of their productive, healthy days and have now inspired millions of others to do the same. 

In recent weeks especially since the new year with people wanting to better themselves in 2022 many Pinterest style videos have been circling around the platform of girls saying that they want to be “That Girl”. This trend is almost the opposite of Hot Girl Summer. It’s not about getting drunk every night and living your best single life, it’s about focusing on yourself and bettering your health, fitness, and mindset. Achieving goals is also a big one for “That Girl”. She wakes up early every morning, makes her bed, works out, eats a healthy breakfast all before the rest of us have even woken up. She writes journals and says her affirmations, reads daily and works hard. She is effectively a mobile Pinterest board. 

If you want to become “That Girl” then several TicTokers have shared some assistance on how you can accomplish this lifestyle. Drink water, sleep more, eat more fruit and veg, go on a walk most days, save your money, be kind, read more and find your signature sent. 

Written by Ella Gutfreund