How to Reach Out when Dealing with Mental Health

At the end of 2020, more than half of the UK adult population found themselves feeling anxious and worried due to the pandemic. This included full time students, those who are unemployed and those who already struggled with mental health issues. 

Dealing with mental health during the lockdowns has been extremely difficult and have left those feeling alone with nowhere or no one to turn to. Before these isolation days we could meet friends and family members when we were feeling down and lonely. We could easily go out for a coffee, have a night out, sleepovers, shopping, anything that would allow us to socialise with those we love and forget the negative thoughts. We all suddenly lost our freedom to forget our struggles and had to sit at home with them on our mind.

  1. Talk to your Best Friends

At the end of the day, your closest friend only wants the best for you and do their part in helping you. Send a message saying, “Have you got time to talk”, “Could really do with some advice from you”, “Can we talk? You always help with making me feel better”. Soon as your bestfriend receives this message they’ll be there for you to listen. Message or facetime, whatever you feel most comfortable opening up on.

2. Comfort from your family

Whether it’s sitting downstairs with your mum with a cuppa and talking, or facetiming your favourite cousin, always remember your family loves you and will always have open arms and ears for you. If you don’t want to straight up say you’re struggling, perhaps start a conversation that will allow you to slowly get into it. “How’s your day been?”, “How have you been feeling lately?”. This will allow you to understand how they’re feeling as well as allow you to speak about your issues.

3. Plan a Zoom night with your friends

Get all your favourite people together and have a night talking to each other and perhaps plan a fun quiz and make some drinks. Not only will this give you the opportunity to speak about what’s on your mind, but it will keep you distracted and doing something fun for the evening. Ask everyone how they’re doing and get speaking about what’s been on your mind because then you won’t feel alone speaking up by yourself.

4. Go on a social distanced walk

Being out in wide open spaces will help open your mind and perhaps make it easier to speak. Having someone there to walk and talk to will make it feel somewhat therapeutic, being surrounded by nature and releasing your negative thoughts.

5. Don’t be scared to open up to those you haven’t spoken to in a while

You may have times where you feel like you have got no one to turn to but trust me there will always be someone who will want to listen. Maybe you have a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while, but you know they give great advice and will be happy to help. “I know we haven’t spoken in a while but you’re someone I feel comfortable opening up to”. Letting them know you feel comfortable with them will make them feel comfortable listening and let them know you appreciate what they say.

We’ve been given the dates for when we will slowly be going back to normality and hopefully this will have given you hope for light at the end of this long tunnel. You have made it so far, going back to reality is only around the corner. 

Written by Anya Wyeth

Images sourced from Pinterest