I tried a new online workout everyday for a month, these are my faves…

Carbon lifestyle writer, Anna Baker, tried a new form of home workout every day in March to find out the tips, hacks and greatest feel-good moves.

Exercise and working out is one of my favourite hobbies, since shifting my mindset from working out to gain a certain physique to moving my body to feel good and release endorphins has been life changing. In a previous article I wrote about the pressure to ‘get that body’ for the 21st of June, I felt myself slipping into mindsets that were unhealthy and realised I needed to change my perspective on exercise, as it can be so fun and does not have to be absolute torture! So, Carbon presents the BEST feel good workouts!

Dance Cardio:

Starting out strong with my personal go to workout all year round, this is something that is made for home workouts, at the gym you would probably get funny looks! There are so many amazing dance workouts to choose from, but my personal favourites are MadFit’s One Direction Dance Workout and Teagan Dixson’s Harry Styles Dance Workout. These became really popular back in March 2020 when everyone was stuck in their houses and had minimal workout gear, these dance videos are a full body workout, easy to follow and most importantly so fun. You will be able to find one for your favourite artists or bands and they get your body moving and endorphins flowing!

YouTube Video

Instagram Workouts:

Again, this blew up back in March 2020 when everyone seemed to be on a fitness craze! Many fitness and gym accounts popped up on Instagram offering different workouts that you can do at home with videos and easy to follow tutorials. If you are looking for a more serious workout and ones you can take to the gym with you on April 12th then fitness accounts on Instagram are definitely worth checking out. The workouts range from HIIT, Leg Day, Abs and Arms. They give you inspiration for different exercises to try and to build your own little routine, personal favourite accounts for me are @mayfitspo, @emlu.fitness and @cj.fitness_, the best thing about these Instagram accounts is they are real, they explain down days and how to stay motivated when you are not feeling it! Having this personal and friendly experience when engaging with these accounts makes them so enjoyable. Each account has a different approach to fitness so finding that one that fits you is great and makes working out fun!  

YouTube Workouts:

A couple of weeks back I put a poll up on Carbon’s Instagram Story (@carbononcampus) to see what our follower’s favourite online workouts were so I could give them a try, the most requested channel was Pamela Reif. Again, like the rest, this account rose to fame around March last year as YouTube seemed to be the most accessible free home workouts. I tried a few of her workouts that were not dance related as I had been doing a lot of dance ones throughout this month, and some of my favourites were the ’10 Min Calorie Killer’, this was so hard but as it is short you feel so good about it afterwards! Another of my favourites was the ’10 min cardio – no jumping’ this workout is perfect if you live in a flat or student halls as it still has the intensity of hard cardio but no jumping. This account is definitely worth subscribing too on YouTube for free and fun workouts!

YouTube Video

After nearly a month straight of exercise I think I deserve a lie in, however these workouts were so fun it’s made me fall in love with exercise in all the right ways, so check these out to burn calories and feel fantastic!

Written by Anna Baker