Let’s talk about sex: Why is it no longer a taboo

Converastions about sex have been avoided for a long time, yet now it’s becoming one of the most trending topics. It’s especially thanks to the generation Z who has been normalising these talks, even though they are often criticised for it. What are their feelings and why is it so important for them to keep going?

One might think that sharing too many details from your bedroom makes you lose the intimacy, however no one ever said that talking about sex equals explaining everything you have ever done. In fact, there are many people who have no problem with answering any question you ask them but would also never tell you what they do with whom because that is a private matter between two partners and it’s not just about them. Talking about sex doesn’t necessarily mean being too open. It is the possibility of even being able to ask without feeling ashamed or judged.

One of my friends told me that in her household this topic has always been a taboo and, although she has never really understood why, she was still influenced by it. It was after she came to the University when she started to feel more comfortable with it. “Even though I knew it was the most natural thing I was still a bit shy whenever this conversation came up. However, now that I’ve gotten used to it I love how normalised it is among our generation. As it should be.” She said about her experience.

To explore the matter more I asked a few other gen zers about how they feel. It is with the pleasure to say that they all agreed on one thing: they enjoy conversations about sex and since it is a natural thing they don’t see a single reason why it should be a taboo topic.

“Sex has always been a part of our lives. It’s the way we reproduce and whether you do it for this reason or to satisfy your desires, it’s a topic we shouldn’t avoid. Communication is the key to a happy love life, after all. And most importantly there are health reasons as well. Good education can save lives, hence why it’s crucial to stop being afraid and normalize this topic.” answered one of them.

As a little bonus, conversations about sex can also be entertaining. It’s not that long ago when my friends and I were talking about exercising. One of them said that she doesn’t work out, which wouldn’t be anything special, however because we all know she has a lover, the other friend used the opportunity and made a joke.

“It’s not really true that you don’t exercise, is it?”
“…Well it’s not like the usual going to the gym or doing yoga!”
“I don’t know but the downward facing dog seems pretty to me.”

I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. It was accurate, funny and a good ice-breaker.

Now, back to the original question: “Why is it no longer a taboo?” From what we’ve observed it is obvious that it’s the relationship we generally have with sex that makes us feel comfortable to talk about it. Our generation understands how natural sex is, hence why we are not afraid to bring it up in a conversation. In the end it really is like the famous movie Friends With Benefits says: “having sex is like playing tennis.” It is a physical activity you can either enjoy with your steady partner, or you are happy to try it with someone new when there is the opportunity, or you can practice by yourself, or you’re simply not interested at all. Pretty similar, right? And if we are not ashamed to talk about that, why would we be ashamed to talk about sex?

Written by Michaela Piontková