Love in lockdown

Love actually…is all around. How to stay connected in lockdown.

This one’s for the couples

Choosing to spend lockdown apart will have been a tough choice to make. We’re here to save the day. 

Have you been missing a chilled movie night with your boyfriend or girlfriend? We’ve got you! Go to Google, search ‘Scener’ (or click the link!). Scener is a virtual movie theatre where both of you can see each other on video while watching Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and so many more! Sign up and click on ‘host a watch party’. You’ll find a link and send this off to your partner. Grab your favourite movie snacks and you’re good to go! There is also a live chat available. Get Scener here!

A Facetime date is definitely a good idea! Get out of your sweats and get into something that makes you feel good. Both of you order your favourite takeaway and then eat it together. Or if you’re feeling fancy, cook a meal together over facetime and then eat by candlelight. 

Are you a hopeless romantic? Try out writing letters to each other. Letters are a sweet way of keeping that close connection with your partner when you are apart. You could write about your dreams for the future, what you’d like to do together after lockdown and tell your partner how you feel about them! Not only this but you have a little keepsake of this weird time.

Missing the besties?

Nights out and even nights in together are a thing of the past. However, we aren’t letting lockdown get in the way of quality time with our friends!

Host a themed Zoom party. Get yourselves all dressed up to a theme you’ve picked and party your hearts away. (Included below are theme ideas). During the party, you could have a competition to see who’s best dressed and have a few drinking games. 

Zoom themes:

  • Festival/Rave
  • Beach party
  • Pamper night (facemasks & wine)
  • Anything but clothes/anything but a cup
  • Characters from your favourite series (e.g. Bridgerton)
  • Powerpoint night (Each creates a PowerPoint on a joke topic that is also completely random!)
  • Quiz night (Create a quiz about your friendship group. (Tried an tested this is a great one)

The world of online dating

Dating is a tricky one right now. So we are lucky to have online dating! Online dating is a great way (and safe way) to get to know someone without actually having to meet them! FaceTime them, stay up all night chatting about yourselves. Take this pandemic as a chance to find out everything about this person because there isn’t anything going on! Then, when the restrictions lift, you won’t have that inevitable awkward stage because that was all done over FaceTime from the comfort of your own home. 

There is, of course, the dating app, Tinder but here are some other suggestions:

  • eHarmony – compatibility matching system 
  • – attracts a broad demographic so more likely to find someone
  • Plenty of Fish – this one is free!

With all these ideas, you’re ready to get hosting a zoom party or date night!

Eleanor Coleman