Maintaining positivity in your life.

To maintain positivity in your life that are a lot of ways in which this can happen. One way of maintaining positivity is by talking about your feelings with someone this could be your friend or family or even a therapist. This helps reduce stress of your shoulders and can ensure you to get the right help you need as it is easy to build up stress when you’re alone and being able to unload on someone is nice as you have a safety rock to help you and it helps you feel less overwhelmed. Even talking about positive things can help you boost your mood as it shows that you are happy that’s that current moment of time talking about what is positive. A journal can also hope you maintain positivity as you can write down everything that happened day today this includes bad or good things, what you have eaten, what you have done, what you plan to do if it was successful, who you spoke to that day and if you have any thoughts on them or the situation that may have happened or how you feel on that particular day. A journal is really good for keeping your life private if you don’t want to share with others and it is easily hid away from the outside world. To get yourself in a good day to day routine you can keep food Diaries this can help you maintain a record of what you eat and if it is effective when coming to losing weight or keeping the same weight regime. Drinks, food and ingredients and obviously how much they weigh can be stored in the food diary which can help a positive lifestyle and keep it on track. For the early mornings keeping a positive mindset is easy when waking up in the own comfort of your bed I’m ready with the positive attitude to start the day which creates positive building blocks for the day to come. Having everything that suits you in your bedroom makes it easier for example if you have a bed that’s uncomfortable you will wake up in a bad mood or wake up in pain which will set a negative mindset for the day. so having things that are comfortable and things that makes you happy in your room or set a positive mindset and even when going to bed as your happy. 

To help maintain friendships with people, avoid spreading gossip about friends or gossip that friends have told you which helps unnecessary drama which could dampen the mood and also create a negative mindset as it could play on your mind as you have upset someone close to you. Taking some little breaks when stressed can help you relax and this can mean taking an extra 15 minutes at work or even just having a bath break when working from home or as a student taking a 15 minute break just to relax your brain, talk to a mate or have a snack break that can make you focus more when you carry on with what you are doing. also taking bigger breaks can make you called a positive attitude towards life; this can be going on a holiday break for a couple days which can really make you escape from a life you live back at home. This also means treating yourself or even treating yourself and another person if you didn’t want to go alone. going alone can help you rejuvenate the energy lost by sitting on the beach with cocktails or even sitting in a coffee shop and watching the settings around you. Watching the sunset abroad or being a tourist and walking around monuments or famous tourist attractions. There are loads of small holidays for a couple days which don’t cost a fortune. Some can be quite cheap when travelling in Europe but obviously more expensive when travelling more out. Having a little break sometimes can help boost the positivity in your life that you have lost. 

For a personal touch, shopping can be great for expressing yourself in what you buy. For example this can mean the clothes that you purchase as it can make you feel unique in how you style yourself in day to day life and how you express the way you feel through the clothes that you were. this can even be expressed by the makeup you wear or the hairstyle that you choose or the shoes you wear on your feet. this can make you have a positive lifestyle as you get to feel positive in what you wear. People can bring you down by judging but if you have this positive mindset nothing will get you down. Booking some sort of activity makes you look forward to something, this could literally be anything from spa days to relax, going to a friend’s house, cinema trips or bowling or even going out for dinner with someone special. There are loads of activities out there to look forward to. Being reasonable in situations always helps a positive attitude as it doesn’t leave you feeling negative about what has happened. keeping in touch with family and friends really helps you build a connection with loved ones and as it maintains a healthy bond. Having close family and friends also helps you unload on them when you have an issue or when you are feeling down as they are there to love and support you.  family friends are also there to do activities with, meet up with and also if needed go on small or big breaks with you.

When it comes to working when you’re older, having a job that you enjoy doing is important for your mental health. This is because if you do a job that you hate or dislike oh really don’t enjoy it will make you drains when coming home as you would prefer not to be there. It is sometimes difficult to get a job you enjoy if your dream is unrealistic, but it is also easy to work up to the job that you want if you have the mindset for it. good jobs can be paid bad which means your lifestyle can be hit with a negative, but a bad job can be paid good which makes your lifestyle better as you earn more so in these situations it can be hard to choose which is right and wrong for you but if at the end of the day you are happy that is what matters. Drinking can have a massive effect on actions made as it can heighten moods which can be bad. Due to the consumption of alcohol people can either have a good time or about time just depending on how much they have drank. Drinking a lot can result in emotions running very high which can make fights happen or arguments so Containing the amount you can drink to what you can handle is important as negativity is bad for maintaining positivity in your life.

By Tierney Rocks