Make sleep your friend

Us young adults with anxiety neglect sleep, an essential function. Whether you panic when struggling, leaving you further away from relaxation, or just can’t switch off from ‘to do list’ mode, here is 5 products to get you extra relaxed and cosy.

1) Rescue remedy : This remedy combines the five original flower essences to help switch off the mind from unwanted repetitive thoughts to help you enjoy a natural night’s sleep. A natural anxiety reliever leaves you feeling refreshed and calm in the morning.

2) Neom pillow mist : Retailing at £20, this perfect nights sleep mist is designed to prepare your body for sleep. The powerful sleep-inducing formula combines 14 sleep essential oils, such as jasmine for a therapeutic aroma.

 3) Yumi bedtime gummies: These dummies contain naturally occurring 5-HTP, contributing to the normal function of the nervous system. Rated 4.5 stars, these yummy gummies have helped many with insomnia, a guaranteed good night sleep.

4) Ripple+ relax : This calming aromatherapy diffuser is devised to instinctively unwind you with a jasmine aroma. Using ingredients such as lemon balm, which is also used for sleep aid, this nicotine free vape will definitely aid your sleep. (18+)

5) Weighted blankets : The weight of these blankets have been proved to be highly effective for conditions such as insomnia and anxiety. Continuing to grow in popularity, weighted blankets have been medically proven to aid naturally deeper sleep cycles.

Make sleep your friend and sleep well 🙂

By Sofia Wells