No Gym? No Problem. Here’s How To Reach Your Fitness Goals For Free At Home

Since the start of the Pandemic we have spent almost half of the year out of the gym, meaning we have had to adapt to new ways of training. We spoke to fitness expert and personal trainer Hayley Rich to find out exactly how you can reach your fitness goals for free at home…

It was much easier to reach your fitness goals in the summer with the warm sunny rays giving us that extra boost of energy and motivation to get outside and be active; but with the cold, dark winter weather now upon us it can be harder to reach those new year fitness goals you have set out to achieve. Although we are now in a new year and many of us have set ourselves new fitness goals, it may be harder to actually complete them this year due to the lack of exercise options available. However, your health & fitness goals don’t just have to be based on how much you weigh or how you look; health and fitness is much more than that. Your goals could be as simple as being more positive, going a walk everyday or just adding more fruits and veggies into your diet. During the pandemic we all need to be less strict when it comes to creating and achieving fitness goals and instead just enjoy the process of getting fitter and healthier, whatever that may be. So, we spoke to Southampton based personal trainer, Hayley Rich, to find out how you can stay fit, healthy and motivated while stuck at home…  

  1. Go for a walk everyday

“Fresh air is amazing not only physically but also mentally. This doesn’t have to be a long walk, start small and see what happens.” Taking a walk and getting outside in nature each day will set you up for a positive and productive day ahead. There is something so special about breathing in the fresh air outside and just taking a moment to appreciate the world around you. Not only will it help you get your steps in, increasing your daily NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) – the calories you burn while performing daily tasks and activities other than set workouts – but it will also help you clear your mind and release any worries or stresses you may have.

2. Find a podcast that suits you 

“Podcasts are great, they can make you laugh, give you useful information and help you with any problems you may be facing; they can help with so much!” 

We defo recommend checking out Hayley’s own fitness podcast – The Do’s & Donuts of Fitness – where she talks all things health, fitness and donuts with fellow PT Jake Allam. Not only does it have some quality fitness advice, giving you the motivation you may be needing right now but it will also make laugh.

3. Drink more water

“I recommend buying a 1 litre bottle that you think looks nice, and keep it with you at all times. Drinking water keeps your body, skin and mind healthy and your body needs water to complete its daily functions.” Water really is the magic ingredient for optimal health. By simply drinking enough water each day you will start to notice so many amazing benefits in all areas of life!

4. 10 minutes of stretching or yoga a day

“This is something I began in the 2nd lockdown and OMG it’s amazing. It wakes your body up, releases any tension you may have and just sets you up for the day ahead.” Stretching and yoga has so many health benefits including: improving your mobility, improving posture, increasing blood flow to muscles, relieving stress and calming the mind.

5. Join online fitness classes

“They are reasonably priced, you typically pay weekly for them so you’re not tied down. They hold you more accountable to do exercise, and most importantly are good fun and a way of socialising. I know a few PT’s currently doing these.” Online fitness classes are a sociable way to keep fit while making new online friends. With gyms being closed and physical fitness classes being a thing of the past, these online options are a great way to stay active and reach your fitness goals while at home.  

6. Eat your 5 a day

“If you’re someone that struggles to eat their fruit and veggies, then get creative. Make fruit salads with yoghurt and honey or buy frozen fruits & veg and make smoothies. Add more vegetables into things like bolognese or chilli so they are kind of hidden. Eating your 5 a day will give you more of the essential vitamins and minerals your body requires to function correctly and reach your fitness goals.”

7. Get ready each day

“When you wake up in the morning, get dressed, make your bed, brush your teeth, etc. Treat your days like a normal week. It will set you up for the day ahead and you’re more likely to get everything done and be more productive.” The more productive you feel the more likely you are to stay active and want to workout.  

8. Use your calendar

“I use this all the time, it helps me get everything done and stay on track so that by the end of the day I feel great which helps me to stay motivated. Schedule everything in like uni work, walking, workouts, meditation, etc. Whatever it is allocate time slots.” Having time slots for everything means you can allocate time for your fitness goals and are more likely to complete them. 

Hayley Rich – @hayleyrichpt

Remember, your goals can be simple and don’t have to be crazy. Health is more than having abs and strict diets. Health is about enjoying life, being happy and being active.

Written by Fashion & Lifestyle Editor, Emma Ford