Organising your life with Notion: 101

Allow for Notion to organise every aspect of your life. The possibilities are endless and we’re here to tell you all about them!

What is Notion?

Notion is an application, free to download on IOS and Android devices. It is completely customisable to your preferences and what you wish to plan out and organise. It can seem pretty daunting at first glance due to opening the app and being confronted with a blank page; however, it’s easy to grasp once you know where to start.

What elements of my life can I plan with Notion?

The possibilities are truly endless and the great thing about the app being so customisable is that you can fully take control over what you use the app for! Primarily you can opt for the more standard elements of planning, such as a calendar tab for events, to-do lists for assignments, keeping track of your spending habits or planning out your weekly schedule. Nevertheless, there are various sections for your Notion app you may not have considered. Including a habit tracker to hold yourself accountable for a healthy routine, tracking and rating books, movies and shows you want to indulge in or even goals you want to set yourself for the year.

So… where should I start?

At first you’ll see a list of various options regarding ways to assemble your page. You can select the table layout for a clear to-do list or wish list, the board option is helpful for keeping track of any important bills and payments. Calendar and gallery are convenient for either seeing a monthly plan at a glance or for a visual representation of any tasks and lists you may have! Both the list and timeline options grant you structured planning and allow you to track events and due-dates in a chronological order.

The set-up seems time-consuming… do I have to start from scratch?

Good news! Due to the rising popularity of the app, there are so many users who share their templates for people to use or customise themselves! It’s key you make sure to make the most of adding various icons, photos, playlists and colours to your planner so that it becomes a space you are proud of and want to update daily! Being able to create a planner that is digital, portable and unique to your own style and needs will help you to gain motivation to be more organised.

Brilliant! So how do I find these templates?

There are countless creators who have shared their artistic layouts through platforms such as YouTube, Pinterest and TikTok. So be sure to lose yourself in the videos and find your favourite design that best suits you! Our favourite layouts come from influencers such as Julia K Crist, Revisign and Kristy Lin!

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By Jennifer Harriman