PMT? No problem? Here’s our ultimate survival guide

Yes, every woman is different. However, there’s one thing that unites us. You guessed it, our PERIOD. Most of us have suffered from some sort of cramps and mood swings at some point in our lives. But for some of us however, this is a monthly occurrence. With lockdown stress and a monthly period, it’s seriously time we used the next 4 weeks to look after ourselves. Below we have found a few tips and tricks to make that time of the month a little more bearable. 

  1. Have a warm bath 

A known remedy for period pain is heat, this makes baths the perfect way to relax not only physically but mentally too. Indulge yourself by adding some of your favourite bath salts or bath foam and simply soak for an hour (or maybe 2). 

2. Heat Pads

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Following on from the previous tip, heat is essential to reducing period pain, and sometimes just a bath in the evening doesn’t help when you’re trying to go about your normal daily routine. Heat pads are the perfect on the go pain relief, all you need is your office microwave or kettle and a heat pad/bottle which can be bought in most places or even cute little ones like this microwavable teddy from Amazon. 


Of course, this is a must. No period survival guide would be complete without it, specifically Dark Chocolate. Although, not to everyone’s taste, dark chocolate is high in magnesium which helps ease cramp pain. Plus this is the perfect excuse to get yourself eating a 200g bar of chocolate every night and no one can say a thing about it.  

4. Sleep

Foetal Position pose

You may find yourself being rather sleepy during mother natures “monthly gift”, this is completely normal. Your body is going through the wars right now, so when it needs rest, let it. When your on your period try getting to sleep an hour earlier than normal, your body needs some well-deserved rest. However, some women do struggle to sleep on their periods due to so much pain, leading to hours of tossing and turning throughout the night. Research has discovered the best way to sleep on your period is in the foetal position, this is because it eases the pressure off the abdominal muscles which means fewer cramps as there is less tension. 

5. No Jeans 

This shouldn’t really be a problem, but just in case here it is. DON’T WEAR JEANS on your period. Seriously why torture yourself like that, your already uncomfortable and probably a bit bloated so unless you absolutely have to, in which case bring joggers for backup. Try wearing loose-fitting clothes and even dresses and skirts. This is not a fashion show this is PMT. 

By Rosie Pogson.