Could the gram really cope without the standards of beauty?!

What do we actually mean when we say “Beauty Standards”? Also, why does some people like to view it from a negative point of view. Let’s try viewing things from a different perspective. Before we get into this topic more deeper, what’s the first thing that’s comes into our minds when referring to social media, Instagram of course! The app has become very popular for a lot of creative things including the beauty standards of today. Majority of this has actually come from influencers and celebrities we look up to and get our ideas from. Without them, there’s a lot of things we wouldn’t have known for instance; what’s trending, new makeup tips, fashion, and many more.

The importance of beauty standards has allowed us to think carefully about what exactly our post on social media is going to be about; what we wear, how to do our hair and makeup, nails and many more. If it wasn’t for these standards, instagram would just be messy platform with irrelevant posts and no creativity behind it.

Today’s society revolves around the idea of perfection even though perfection is unreachable. The standards for beauty has gone above and beyond over the years. The way we feel, think, perceive and act, regarding our bodies and looks is currently based on how society feels and thinks. Everyone wants us to focus on how the standards of today, due to social media, has left a negative impact. But, let’s also consider the benefits we have gained from the standards of today’s beauty.

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Written by Hema Dixons