The top 3 fitness Youtubers you will want to be following after your recent Christmas feast…


With New Year just around the corner, you’re probably sitting on the sofa right now, having had a day full of left-over’s, turkey sandwiches and even more alcohol, pondering on the thought of what you’re going to change next year. We can guarantee that more than half of you are thinking about the weight you’re going to lose, the muscle you’re going to gain and general improvement everyone will see in your fitness.

Say goodbye to those Christmas calories by following these 3 fitness enthusiasts who will get you back on that fitness grind by guiding and supporting you through your new gym journey!

1. Chloe Ting

We have seen her once and here she is again with even more to offer. Chloe Ting. Any of you reading this who were or still are into fitness would know who this fitness queen is. During the lockdown, we all resulted in online workouts as we couldn’t attend the gyms and for some of us who have less confidence in going to the gym, this is insane. Her content involves a diverse range of short, easy to follow videos that have a low to high-intensity level. This allows you to build up your strength at your own pace. She uploads not only full-body workouts but also videos that target specific body areas. For example, toning arms to burning off lower stomach fat. She is one of the fair few who has taken her fitness to the next level, by creating a free workout plan for everyone to access, From 30 day challenges, diet plans to her own personal blog, Chloe Ting has something to offer everyone. Including you! Get started by clicking here..

2. Love Sweat Fitness

Run by Katie who, like a lot of people, tried and tested more than her fair share of dull and devastating diets. Eventually, she took matters into her own hands, making lifestyle changes, developing healthy habits, and losing 45 pounds. In the process, she found a passion for fitness and for helping others to achieve their exercise goals. This led her to become a certified personal trainer and to start what is in our opinion, one of the most engaging and inspiring health and fitness YouTube channels out there.

She has put together a playlist dedicated to her healthy weight loss transformation. In which she shares lifestyle tips, healthy recipes, where she explains how she achieved her goals and talks about the one thing a lot of people struggle with – maintaining that goal weight. Even if your goals aren’t strictly weight loss based, you should still check out her 5-day motivation challenge if you’re feeling like you need some extra inspiration to get yourself to the gym. Pay Katie a visit here,

3. The Body Coach TV

Joe Wicks well known and loved fitness guru, with an impressive 2.6 million subscribers, Wicks is known for being an advocate of high-intensity workouts, so it’s no surprise that his fitness YouTube channel features plenty of HIIT workouts. You’ll never get bored of his channel as he uploads a new HIIT workout every week without fail. He has a series of HIIT routines to suit beginners, as well as some pretty intense workouts if you’re feeling up for a challenge. He is one of the most motivating souls out there, with a friendly upbeat personality, his workouts make you feel as if he is training YOU, no one else. He also has successfully brought out many cookbooks from 5 ingredient meals to 5-minute meals, all of which look delicious, are affordable, and worth a try. Here is where to find him!

Kit you might need: Sports Bra, Gym leggings/shorts, Yoga matt

The best thing about all of these influencers is that Youtube is free! It Will not cost you a single penny.

Written by Martha Siseman x