Tinder shame? Here’s how to use dating apps whilst not damaging your mental health

Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, Chances are either you or a friend has become an avid user of one of these dating apps. As enjoyable as it may be to swipe all day long, these apps can unknowingly be a risk to our mental health. Here are 5 top tips to make sure you are putting your mental health first whilst using these apps.

1) Online dating is not a cure for loneliness – do not use dating apps when feeling bored or lonely. It could risk making those feelings worse! Try and use them when feeling optimistic and excited. It will be a better time to spark up a chat with someone and make a positive connection.

2) Be clear about what you want – are you looking for a relationship or just having a bit of fun? Whatever it may be, make this clear on your profile. Being 100% yourself can prevent a series of short, dissatisfying talking stages.

3) They are rejecting your profile, not you! – you will not be able to put across a real representation of yourself with a few pictures and a short caption, so do not let thoughtless swipes define your self-worth!

4) Be open-minded – you will probably be connecting with people you would not have met otherwise. They may have different online communication, be understanding and try not to judge people too quickly.

5) Take a break – endless swiping may overwhelm you. Try and limit the time you spend using dating apps. Avoid purposely scheduling time out of your day to go on swipe session.

You may have heard a range of tinder success stories, or a selection of questionable dating app disasters. I could tell you not to expect to meet your soul mate, but who I am to know!

Kasia xx