Top 5 Self-help books to help you get through lockdown

If you are feeling really bored, unmotivated, lost, days passing by in a blur with sleeping in or Netflix marathons, this self development book list is definitely for you. You can lose track of who you are and who you were striving to be when a crisis hits and sometimes we need a little help and guidance to find that self-love and creative spark within.

1# Atomic Habits

This book is absolutely phenomenal and reveals exactly how tiny changes can grow into such life-altering outcomes and uncovers a plethora of simple life hacks you can adopt for yourself today to have a happier and much more full-filling life. It also teaches you about how to deal with negative thoughts & people, teaches you how to create your ideal identity, manage productivity more efficiently and gets into the finer details of how to shape the best version of yourself. If you are personally stuck in a rut of demotivation being around negative people and adopting those negative thoughts can have a bad impact on your health and mind, so you need some clarity. Atomic Habits not only improves your productivity but changes your mindset to be aligned with the type of person you are striving to be. I want to bring value to people’s lives by teaching them they don’t have to settle for less that what they are capable of when the odds are against you.

You are the writer of your story, no matter what script or beliefs we adopted when we were kids or teenagers, you hold that script in your own hands and you have the potential of changing it no matter what anyone says. There is nothing great about dimming your light so that other people won’t feel insecure or intimidated around you. We are all meant to shine, so don’t you dare give that amazing ball of positive energy to anyone who doesn’t deserve it!

2# The Miracle Morning

This book teaches you about what kind of habits to adopt and how to implement them on a daily basis. There are specifically 6 habits that are named the S.A.V.E.R.S.

S= Silence A= Affirmations V= Visualisation E= Exercise R= Reading S= Scribing (journaling) All of these habits are explained in detail and have been adopted by hundreds of thousands of people from all backgrounds including teachers, college students, executives, mothers, sales representatives, yoga instructors, managers and even CEOs. There is even an online community of all of the people who have read this book and implemented these habits into their lives and share their progress. This group includes over 260k people worldwide. Some people have even been following The Miracle Morning for over 500 days straight without missing a day. If you want to build discipline, commitment, have more energy, practice waking up earlier and even beating your alarm clock to leap up out of bed with excitement, then you need to read this book.

3# You Are A Badass

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What are your personal values and relationship with money? Don’t know yet? Read this immediately? This book not only teaches you on how to attract more wealth into your life but also teaches you how to conquer fear, practice self-love & gratitude, how to forgive, stop making excuses, be more confident and be the badass you were meant to be! Get crystal clear on your goals, purpose and self-limiting beliefs that you want to want to break once and for all.

4# Start Now, Get Perfect Later.

Struggling to get tasks done because you get distracted too easily? This book gives you a full-proof strategy and step by step plan to overcome procrastination and get started on those tasks you’ve been putting off for weeks! It teaches you the ideal difference between being busy, productive and efficient. Sometimes you can be overwhelmed with the amount of tasks you have to get done, so you get intimidated by the amount of work, so you avoid doing it all together. If you had to eat an elephant (don’t get triggered, it’s just an example of a large task), you wouldn’t eat it all in one go would you? No. You start with one manageable chunk at a time.

Say you have to write a 5 page essay, you don’t start with a goal of finishing 2 pages, you start with 2 sentences. You make the task as minimal as possible so that you are more likely to get started the smaller the task looks and surely enough you end up writing a whole paragraph, then you get used to the flow of work and continue onto completing your essay. This is how structured and helpful this book is when you are having troubles starting or finishing your tasks.

5# Think Like A Monk

Grab this book, find a comfortable chair, and let Jay Shetty take you on a life-changing journey. Jay guides us with warmth and clarity on a path to greater happiness and purpose, offering wisdom that can be so miraculous for your mind and soul.

2020 was a tough year for everyone. There has been lots of chaos and challenges which have made having calm, balance and peace quite difficult. In many cases, this has been particularly difficult because of our ways of thinking. There has been lots of fear and negativity and there have been opportunities for us to better connect with our intention and purpose and find greater meaning in life. This book provides great teachings which combine ancient wisdom with the practicalities of living in the modern world and help you battle any challenges you are facing. Jay Shetty was a Monk for 3 years and he is able to bring to life stories which show how he developed his thinking and how you don’t have to be a monk to think like a monk.

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