Top tips on staying motivated during lock down

With deadlines fast approaching, you find yourself still spending your days staring at your phone scrolling through Tik-Tok. After several hours you lookup and it’s pitch black outside and the day’s ended, another day gone and no uni work has been completed or even attempted. With lockdown number 2 and a global pandemic, it’s no surprise students all over the country are finding it hard to stay motivated in such uncertain times. 

Here are some top tips to stay motivated as a student during yet another lockdown.

A weekly To-Do list

Sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly what day it is during lockdown. Every Monday make yourself a weekly To-Do list, this can be a list of goals that you realistically will be able to achieve during the week. Try setting the tasks in order of priority. Writing a list will give your days purpose, as well as a great sense of achievement (How good does it feel when you’ve ticked off all your goals of a list!). To further this, also make yourself daily lists too, this will help structure your day.

Get Outside 

Long Zoom calls and being inside working all day? Give yourself a break and get outside. Take your dog out, walk instead of driving to the local shop, or even take up some sort of outdoor exercises (Challenges such as Couch to 5k is a great way to start up running – ). It’s so important to release those endorphins, this will help lift your mood giving you a new sense of motivation when you’re ready to tackle your mountain of uni work again. When writing your to-do list that we mentioned earlier, make sure you include this one every day. 

Find Your Routine

With our old lives in the outside world a distant memory at this point, finding and sticking to a routine is important to retain motivation and bring back a source of consistency in your life again. When starting your new routine it’s important to have a good balance between work and pleasure. Without balance you will find your new routine will quickly fall apart. Start by creating a timetable, such as a time to wake up (be generous with this one of course!), schedule time to study, and time to do whatever you like. Remember to timetable some time outdoor time, make sure to get some fresh air. 

Switch It Off 

In some ways this is the most important step, social media, yes maybe addictive to some but it can also be very damaging to your mental health. Everyone deals with lockdown differently, some like to keep busy at all times, and others like the laid back approach, both of which are ok. Try to refrain from comparing your lockdown activities to your others. Use social media to check up on loved ones, share your bad days as well as the good ones. Just make sure to switch off the negative input. 

By Rosie Pogson.