What it means for mental health now Dr Alex George is the ambassador

A sign of hope and change is coming our way. Find out what Dr Alex is doing for us….

On the 3/2/2021 Dr Alex was appointed the ambassador for mental health

We found out earlier this month that Dr Alex has been appointed the mental health ambassador by the government. He will be working closely with the government to make mental health an absolute priority. He said in this announcement post that ‘ never has mental health been more important than now. From schools, to univercitys, to the NHS and to the wider public , MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS. For the current and future generations, we must do everything in our power to bring meaningful change.’

How did this all start?

This started by Dr Alex making an online campaign of mental health matters. He wrote this open letter to Boris Johnson to hopefully get his attention. And it clearly worked.

So, what does this change actually mean?

His role includes:

  • Advocating for students, teachers and parents.
  • He will shape policy and advise on support for young people.
  • Looking at what support is available to students in schools, colleges and university’s.
  • Focusing on children and young peoples mental health as ‘ this has understandably has a huge impact on their mental health so I want to shine a spotlight on that vital issue’

But why is he a good person for this role?

There are many reasons why he is a good person for this role, including;

  • Alex is personally motivated- he has always been open about the issue of mental health but since his younger brother died from suiside he has been wanting to make a change.
  • Being a doctor- by being a medical professional gives him better insight into the problem rather than just having his opinion.
  • He is a influencer- many young people look up to him and he has a large following that will reach many people. This is better than just some random person in government that no one relates to.
  • He is male- male suiside rates and mental health problems is a rising problem so having a man to represent this problem will show that it is okay for men to get help.
He recently posted this on Twitter

What he has done so far…

He recently made a Blue Monday bath bombs where all the proceeds will go to young minds UK. Earlier this month he released how he has raised £11,500

He has also taken part in this virtual event for university students that was meant to shine spotlight on mental health for students.

What does this mean for University students? Has he mentioned us?

Yes he has! He believes university students should have more support and have been treated unfairly in the pandemic and also he is going to be pushing for university students to have more funding for mental health support. When researching what he has been saying I found some interesting comments that is definitely positive for us as university students. Some of the things he has said, include;

I feel really sorry for university students,I think it’s been really tough for them.

I think we do need to develop a clear plan about how we support university students. A lot of people feel understandably aggrieved spending all this money to go to university but not having lectures face-to-face. They’re spending money on accommodation that they’re just stuck in the whole time. It’s not the experience that they’re expecting. I think we just need to think about that and what we can do to support them moving forward

What’s frustrated a lot of students – or at least I’ve heard – is that they don’t know what’s happening. Things keep changing all the time so mentally it’s very hard to get yourself into a rhythm or a routine

You can check out his page to keep upto date with the progress…

But for now if you are struggling read this article to help get you back on track!

Written By Emily Benison