What’s trending – YouTube workouts

With exercise being limited to outdoor or home only, some people have definitely been missing the gym. To tackle this without just using walks or runs. Some people do have the advantage or home gyms, but for those without they’ve turned to the trusted website aka YouTube.

Chloe Ting

Probably by now the most known for her workouts, she has videos uploaded along with a website for people to follow free workout routines. She provide both specific focused workouts and ones for the whole body. Some of her most popular ones are linked below.

Alexis Ren

Another YouTuber who has made workout videos that are easy to do at home and don’t require much if any equipment. Her videos also feature healthy lifestyle content which works alongside her workout videos. Some more videos are linked below of the sort of workouts she leads.


If you’re looking for workouts which don’t feel as much of a task, then these are the ones for you. MadFit adds a fun creative spin to her work outs by having music and really making them into more of a dance rather than just an intense, focused workout. Her videos are also quite short and don’t take up much time.

Following one, some or all of these videos and exploring the other content these creator’s make is not a bad way to pass the time. Plus it keeps you in shape and exercise has been proven to help people feel better and happier which is always help during these testing times.

By Jasmin