When is it a good time to go home on a night out?

Most of the time people go on a night out to drink alcohol but not for some who are just for the soft drinks and for the social aspects with friends or family. There are so many reasons for leaving late or early from a night out. This can be from clubs, bars and pubs or even parties. But when is the right time? One very obvious answer is if your out drinking alcohol and it gets so much by you feeling too drunk and sick. Whatever the time is, its best to get your friends to walk you home as bouncers at clubs will most likely kick you out for being too drunk. Being left outside alone whilst your friends are inside isn’t safe. Its best to go out with a good solid group of mates as some reasons for people to leave early on a night out is from being bored with the company and this can lead to going home alone. The atmosphere around on a night out is what makes the evening good and if you’re not feeling it then that causes people to go home early or just really not enjoy there night which makes the night wasted. For some females drinking, alcohol can have a quicker effect on them then boys drinking the same amount. Mixing alcohol also makes people drink quicker but it might have the effect of making people physically sick which is why drinking the same drink throughout the night or the same alcohol is better and reduces your chances of being sick in or outside the club. 

Safety is key at all times. The workers at bars and pubs or any establishment have a duty of care to make sure everyone is okay and safe at all times. Some bouncers might send you on your way do you too that perception of how drunk you are which at the end of the day helps you as you won’t cause a disruption or be more drunk as you are. Bar staff can refuse service to you when drunk as well as they can get in trouble due to the law on how it is illegal to serve a drunk person alcohol. they are keeping you safe at the same time, so you don’t drink too much to make yourself ill. A couple people have been asked the question ‘When is it a good time to go home on a night out?’. First answer from Andie Anderson, “The time for me to go on a night out is when I know I’m getting to the point where I feel I might get black out drunk and I start to lose the ability to walk which means I need to get home straight away or leave to get food which will sober me up”. Secondly, Lauren Burger and her response was “I most of the time know when it’s time to go when I am a good level of drunk but I’m tired and a little bit bored. Some of the time I do get a little bit to intoxicated I trust my friends to have an opinion if I go home or not. But when I go home all I can think of is getting some food down me and getting all comfy in my bed”. Lastly, Ali Lamming said, “I know when it’s time to go home when I start to feel the rush of alcohol to my head and when one small issue is getting magnified because everyone around me is drunk and I don’t want to get involved in any drama and the situation caused is making me feel angry. When this happens, I like to go home straight away”.

As everyone in life is different and has different personalities but one thing people share is the ability to drink too much alcohol which makes everyone is a vulnerable state of drunk which is the best reason to know when to leave on a night out. Also people share somewhat the same mind thought of being bored when they are not enjoying the night out.

By Tierney Rocks