Why is staying in the new going out?

How to boost your confidence throughout the lockdown months? Experiment with your style, try new clothes and different makeup trends; re-invent yourself. It’s the best way to stay positive and use your time. Best friends Kendall and Hailey have done exactly that, “all dressed up to go nowhere”, they are getting glam at home trying different brands and working on their skincare and they are looking better than ever. Glowing skin and flawless makeup, the girls have really worked on their look over this pandemic while they have a lot more downtime.  

However Kylie and Hailey are not the only celebs to dress up. Emily Ratajkowski exposed herself saying how she has been doing all her work from her bed “drank coffee, zoomed with @inamoratawoman team, zoomed with family, ate a tuna sandwich, did my makeup, read. Yes, almost all from bed”.  

Shay Mitchell is really keeping us all connected with her quarantine journey. Her down days and her dress up days. She’s been getting glam and working out to keep fit and positive. She has even found her perfect way to dress up masks by wearing her favourite pair of sunnies. 

So many celebs have really enjoyed having this downtime from their forever busy times. Dressing up to go nowhere, trying different fashion ideas and styles and really finding and connecting with themselves. The new staying in is going out because people feel so much more comfortable and confident, however its now time to show off their new reinvention of themselves, times ticking till lockdown is over…