Winter skin blues? Here are 15 tips to help revive that natural glow

Written by Madiy Warner

During the winter, it is normal for our skin to become dry, dehydrated and a bit lacklustre and sometimes, it seems like our skincare stops working. 

But worry not, here are 15 essential tips to maintaining a healthy, bright and youthful complexion.

  1. Get plenty of sleep –  the benefits on your skin and body from a good night’s sleep are endless as this is when your skin is repairing itself so the longer it has to do this, the better!
  1. Drink enough water – not enough leaves skin feeling dehydrated and dull. Even when you think you have had enough, have another glass.
  1. Eat a balanced diet – processed, fatty foods can sometimes be the cause of clogged pores so maintaining a diet with enough fresh food will help to limit this
  1. Avoid sugar – following on from above, sugar is another cause of uneven and blemished skin so try and have one less spoonful of sugar in your tea, you won’t even taste the difference after a couple of days!
  1. Be aware of your alcohol intake – alcohol causes serious dehydration but don’t worry, I am not telling you never to drink again! It is important that alongside alcohol, you are really focusing on drinking plenty of water. 
  1. Think about supplementing – supplements can be beneficial if you take the right ones for you so do some research before committing to a full regime as you might end up wasting your money. A good place to start is with Vitamin D. During the winter we are not getting as much sun – and particularly during lockdown, so taking additional Vitamin D will help to keep your bones, teeth and muscles healthy. 
  1. Always double cleanse if wearing makeup – making sure skin is completely clear of all makeup and toxins is so important and will help the rest of the products work better.
  1. Don’t sleep in makeup – the longer you have makeup on your skin, the longer it goes being unable to ‘breathe’, i.e. your pores are being blocked by the products. I know how tempting it is after a late night but trust me, you will be thanking yourself in the morning. 
  1. Try to reduce stress levels – stress is often unavoidable but can be a cause of acne so it is good to be aware of when you are feeling worse and things you can do to relax such as taking a bath or switching off your phone for a little while.
  1. Be gentle when removing eye makeup – taking your time helps prevent tugging around the eye area which can cause wrinkles in the long term.
  1. Wear suncream every day – even if it is cloudy as the sun causes so much damage that is seen later on in life, even if you can’t see it right now. 
  1. Wash pillowcases frequently – bacteria, dirt, product residue and saliva are just a few of the things that you will find on your pillow and sleeping on them is obviously not good for your skin so making sure to change and wash them often enough helps prevent this.
  1. Don’t pick at your skin – this is so much harder than it sounds but is vital to prevent scaring. 
  1. Exercise regularly – great for increasing blood flow and adding a glow to your skin.
  1. Disinfect your phone – phones are covered in bacteria so need to be cleaned regularly, something that I need to remember to do!

This is not an exhaustive list but a great place to start. If you are really struggling and unhappy with your skin, start by doing one thing at a time as this will help highlight the cause and help you better understand what your skin needs.