WORLD KINDNESS DAY 2020- 10 ways to be kind every day.

world kindness day

Celebrated globally, its the official day to be kind but does it have to be for just one day? Or could we make it normal to bring random goodness to someone’s day? Here are 10 things we thought we all could try:

  1. Start with Yourself. 
self love

The only way to know true kindness is to be kind to yourself. It may not seem that obvious at first but showing yourself some love could begin a whole movement of self-love which we all need once and a while. So today buy yourself something nice or compliment one of your features in the mirror while you get ready.

2. One cup a day can keep the stress away

No,  we shouldn’t be fuelling each other’s coffee addictions, but one chai or mocha from your favourite cafe won’t hurt! So maybe the next time you step in one, get a little something for your friend or colleague it may just give them the boost they needed for the day. 


3. Lookin’ Good ! 

looking good

Everyone has their good and bad days- especially on the dreaded Monday morning. So send a compliment someone’s ways to really lift their day. It could be a small text to a friend saying “ I liked your hair today- it really suits you like that” or a “ Thank you for your help today-  I really appreciate it” to your colleague.

4. 1-2-3! Cheese!

All that teeth whitening and for what! Show off those pearly whites with a smile today to a passing stranger or anyone you meet on your travels. And course, it’s free so don’t stop at just one. 

baby thumbs up

5. Long Time , No Speak 

kim phone call

In a lockdown, it’s reported that the people that suffer most are the elderly but the smallest gesture like a call from a loved one can really make their day. Take some time in your day to give your grandparents a call or even make contact with a relative you haven’t spoken to in a while- check how they are doing. A little bit of love can go a long way. 

6. Re-Light the Fire ! 

When chatting to our friends – and I’m talking about those lucky ones in relationships, you must have heard how this pandemic has fizzled their spark or killed their passion. But we can fix that! Why not cook their favourite meal today or ask them how their day was. And if you don’t live together make time to video call, seeing each other can make it all a bit easier.

7. Give your socials some love

shaw positivity

Social media is always the best way to stay in contact. So use your platform to spread some positivity. It could be posting an inspirational quote or reminiscing through a throwback of friends. It may seem small but it’s a definite way to put a smile on someone’s face and it may just help someone

8.  Go Green

It’s not only humans that need kindness but our planet too. So next time you need a new outfit set yourself a challenge to donate before you buy, swap with a friend or even buy second hand. I recommend Asos Marketplace or Depop for some of the latest reworked styles for half their RRP.

go green

9. Knock -Knock?!   


If you see someone having a bad day, do something to make them feel better. Step out of your comfort zone to make someone laugh or smile. You could do a funny dance or tell a bad joke – we all know those are better than the real ones. 

10. After you…

Road rage can wait today. Instead of getting upset when things don’t go your way, step back and be courteous. If making your essential travel today, let that guy merge into traffic with a wave or let someone get on the bus before you- you can’t always have a window seat.

out of my way

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Written by Kiá Richardson