17 things to during quarantine when you’ve run out of ideas

We are sure there isn’t a single person who is not shaken by the whole quarantine situation. It has changed everyone’s social life completely and after a month and a half it is normal to be out of ideas and inspiration. However, the last thing we want you to do is get miserable and let you procrastinate, so we’ve prepared a list of fun activities you can do during the last few weeks of quarantine (hopefully), that may have slipped your mind. 

Host a board games night

Now it feels like the perfect time to go back to when you were younger and remember what it was like doing puzzles with your mom or playing Monopoly with your dad. There are so many types of board games suitable for any age, so don’t hesitate – order some now, gather your whole family and spend some fun time together. We promise you you won’t even realise how fast the time will pass.


If you still don’t have a Disney+ account, what are you waiting for?! It is the place for everyone’s favourite cartoons and superhero movies or if your dad is not into this (who isn’t honestly?), there are all 30 seasons of The Simpsons as well, so there are no excuses not to log in.
However, if you still don’t know what to watch, check out this Carbon article and take the quiz to determine what your next movie night should start with.

Clean your house

You’ve probably already done the basic stuff – clean your room, kitchen, maybe even did some house work, but don’t forget to check out the attic, the basement, the garage, or that room that has everything in it as well. Trust us, you will find so many things that you’ve forgotten about! You can donate them, sell them or even give to friends and family and why not even find something that can spice up your current daily life as well?

Listen to a podcast

You may never gave enough attention to podcasts before, but now you definitely need all the motivation and laugh you can get. There is for sure a podcast about whatever drives you, so if you are not into reading, this is a great option. Why not even listen to one, while you are doing our previous idea for a quarantine activity?

Play with animals from the comfort of your own home

Maybe you are an international student who is still stuck somewhere in a foreign country and can’t go home to see your favourite pet. Maybe you’ve never had a pet, but you are an animal lover anyway. Now you can bring joy to dogs at shelters by moving their toys and playing with them in real time from your device. Yes, that is 100% possible! All you have to do is go to petcube.com and start your day with a bark.

Throw a virtual karaoke party

Who does not love a karaoke? Since we can’t go out, why don’t you throw a virtual version of it?! Facetime all of your besties, make a cocktail and a list with your favourite songs and make a little competition. Count the points and whoever wins, can bring you all out on a real karaoke night when this is all over.

Create a bucket list

Dreams are not forbidden and to be honest, they are a necessity. Think about all the things you’ve always wanted to do and all the places you’ve been dying to visit. You can also organise your finances and see how much savings do you have to start checking your bucket list first thing after the lockdown.

Listen to BBC Radio 1 Stay Home Live Lounge

Another thing we’ve been obsessed with is the BBC Radio 1 live lounge, cause it brings all of your favourite singers in one place. Now you don’t have to pay hundreds of pounds to watch them perform. You can do that completely free and from the comfort of your own bed! All you have to do is follow this link https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/2Q50t1PDvNJqR0h0r8K2JVF/times-like-these-bbc-radio-1-stay-home-live-lounge?uk_et_cid=o2nl300420&uk_et_rid=1_7293680725244576&pt_pubid=1_7293680725244576 and wait for their next performances, or go to iPlayer and watch the ones you’ve missed.

YouTube live stream

There are tons of stuff you can watch there, all free and even better – live. You can find concerts, interviews, singers and musicians playing from their homes, workouts, plays, live study sessions, all types of classes and so on. Try out and learn new things, while someone is right on the other side of the screen to push you through it and motivate you during these hard times.

Do a Netflix house party 

Netflix has done something really smart and cool recently – it has made it a lot easier for you to have a movie night with your friends from a distance. The platform synchronises your video playback and adds a group chat, so all of you can comment the movie you’re watching all you want. Follow the link, text your friends and let the Saturday night movie party start today.

Museum virtual tour

If you don’t wanna binge watch Netflix series during the whole quarantine, some famous museums have made it possible for you to visit them, without really visiting them (makes sense?). We give you 5 museums that you definitely don’t wanna miss the tour for, especially when it’s free and full of exciting new things to learn.

Carbon doodles

If you are not really into drawing, but you looove colouring, this one’s for you. Carbon is now offering you some amazing templates to colour by yourself, no matter if it’s digitally or printed. Check out the website for new ones every week, but if these are not enough, you can order some books for colouring as well. Get creative!

Try out yoga

Yoga is perfect for someone who doesn’t like intensive workouts, but still wants to move their body. It also betters your coordination and flexibility. The best thing is that it is so easy to do at home, because you don’t need a lot of space or any equipment. No matter if you are a newbie and you’ve never stepped into the gym your entire life, or you are a professional athlete, give yoga a go!

Change your room

How many times have you said that you are not happy with the way your room looks, but you haven’t done anything about it? Now it’s the perfect time to make it look like the room of your dreams. Look up at Pinterest and watch some YouTube videos, get inspired, move furniture around even. After all, clean physical space is a clean headspace.


With the whole quarantine situation, there is a lot going on in your head, we don’t doubt that. Why not try journaling and share all of your emotions and thoughts on a piece of paper? Maybe you’ve always wanted to write a book, so now it’s the perfect time to start. Reflect on the things you’ve done so far this year and set goals for the rest of it. Just sit down and write!


Meditation is without a doubt one of the best ways to start your day! It clears out your mind, helps you focus and instantly puts you in a good mood. There are tons of apps or YouTube videos you can try, but our favourite has to be Headspace. Go find it on AppStore and give it a go. We guarantee you’ll feel 100% better after a good meditation session.

Give yourself a makeover 

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean that you should not take care of yourself. Learn how to trim your hair, maybe even change your hair colour. Experiment with make up, so you can show your perfected cut-crease to everyone at the club after. Do yourself a manicure and a pedicure as well. There are lots of videos on YouTube, that show you how to do a body scrub, face mask, hair mask at home, so why not make yourself a whole new pamper routine?

There you have it, guys – 17 things to during quarantine when you’ve run out of ideas. Did we miss something? Share your ideas for lockdown activities with us on @carbononcampus on Instagram or Facebook.

Written by Anna-Maria Kancheva