20 going on 13: Why I’m embracing my inner teenager this lock down

My entire room has turned a glaring pink from floor to ceiling over this lockdown. I don’t know exactly how I got to this point, but I don’t see me stopping anytime soon. This is all thanks to the lockdown, forcing me to hang out with myself until I get bored of all forms of current media, (although watching This Country on repeat never gets old) until I cave in and start consuming all my favourite interests from when I was about 13. 

Your teenage years are the most pivotal in your life, everything is established during this time, your relationships, your social life. Especially important is the establishment of the way you think about yourself, and the way you have fun with yourself. What makes you happy? You might have responded with something you’ve definitely done when you were a teen. What makes me happy personally is singing my lungs out to One Direction while wine drunk in my pjs with my sisters. For a lot of us girls, when we were younger, it was all about boy bands like 1D, youtubers like Dan and Phil and Zoella, and movies like Twilight. All of which have been intensely scrutinized by the media and general public.

The thing is, most of these interests we have as young women are completely looked down upon. This raises a question. Why do we invalidate the interests of teenage girls? We get ridiculed for liking stereotypically girly things, and also if we don’t. The problem is mocking teenage girls and portraying their interests as worthless can further reinforce ideas that things created for women and by women are unimportant. This may be why I’m taking back that control, that I like this content simply because I like it and it’s quite powerful to just own it.

Lockdown has allowed people time to focus on themselves due to social distancing from other people. I’ve used this opportunity to appreciate a fashion aesthetic that I was completely obsessed with in my teenage years. Back in 2013-2015 I was a massive Tumblr addict, and I loved grunge. I adopted the aesthetic: wore the mom jeans, the flannels and the band tees day in day out. Obviously as I grew my style adapted and I stopped the grunge ‘phase’ but now I feel like I’m older, I have a LOT of time to myself I can fully embrace my edgy side (and yes, this is all while sitting in my pink fluffy room). I’m happier than ever knowing if my teenage self saw me on the street she’d think ‘wow, that girl is cool’. 

Does anyone else feel like this? Am I the only one? Should I care? The answer is no, go have fun.

Written by Annabella Skinner