5 Cocktails to Enjoy this Quarantine

If there was ever a time to learn a new party trick like the perfect cocktails, its now! Here are 5 unique ideas to get a taste of a night out in isolation. Drink with caution and enjoy!

1. The Taste of Summer Punch

Ingredients (serves 6)

16 Strawberries

2 Pears

150ml of Simple syrup

150ml of Vodka

120ml of Lemon juice

Bottle of Prosecco 


Blend the strawberries and pears to make a purée, adding the simple syrup to sweeten.

Pour the purée into a jug and mix in the vodka and lemon juice.

Top with prosecco and stir. Pour into champagne flutes with a strawberry, lemon wedge.

2. The Moscow Mule

Ingredients (serves 1)

Crushed Ice 

50ml of your favourite Vodka

150ml of Ginger beer

A few dashes of Ginger bitters

A lime 

A mint sprig


Mix the vodka, ginger bear and Ginger bitters into the crushed ice

Squeeze a quarter of the lime to top each drink and garnish with a lime wedge and mint leaves

3. The Venetian Spritz

Ingredients (serves 2)

A dash of Aperol

300ml of Prosecco 


A large blood orange 

An olive (per glass)


Pour a dash of Aperol into each glass.

Top up to about half full with the prosecco and pop an ice cube in.

Skewer a chunk of Blood orange and an olive on a long cocktail stick to place in each glass.

4. The Hollywood Margarita

Ingredients (serves 1)


60ml of Silver Tequila 

30ml of Cointreau 

The juice of 1 1/2 limes

45ml of Simple Syrup


Fill a metal cocktail shaker with Ice and add in all of the ingredients. Shake briskly. Serve on the rocks or straight up in a salt-rimmed glass.

Garnish with a lime wedge

5. The Finland Fizz

Ingredients (serves 1)

3 slices of Cucumber

1/2 of a Lemon (cut into 4 wedges)

25ml of Camomile Tea Syrup

40ml of Vodka


Sparkling water


Mix the Cucumber, 3/4 of the Lemon wedges and the Camomile Tea Syrup in a cocktail shaker, muddling it until the juice and oil is out of the Lemon.

Add the Vodka and Ice and shake for ten seconds. Strain the contents into an ice filled highball glass.

Top with Sparkling water and Garnish with the remaining lime wedge.

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