Gen Z music: the songs and artists that shape us.

Thanks to the ‘end of the decade’ wrap-ups, we can know which artists are the most listened and which ones could be defined as ‘Gen Z music’

There are a number of things that come to our minds when we think about Generation Z and its teenagers, but we are going to talk about a very specific thing that defines them: music. This generation listens and feels the music in a different way from the other generations, as never before. It means that Generation Z is the most diverse and open of them all. They have more options to find new music, since they have grown with streaming. In addition to this, they have the ability to discover new songs, new artists and new genres. Also, they are more open minded and enjoy how very different styles sound like when combined. In other words, Gen Z does not believe in labels when it comes to music genres. Gen Z music is open to all the genres and all the possibilities.

Gen Z music lil nas x carbon magazine

A new generation of artists

Therefore, we can see how artists like Lil Nas X, Billie Eilish or Sofia Reyes move between several different styles without caring too much. They create based on how they feel each song and not following any set rules. These artists have appeared and grown from 0, moving mainly between the streaming platforms. Thanks to this, they are positioned today in the world best music lists. Many artists of the Millennial generation have had to readjust their music to new technologies and new genres, such as Taylor Swift, who has jumped from country to pop over the years. However, other artists, like the ones we are going to talk about below, have mixed genres and they even sometimes collaborate with artists that speak different languages, creating their own “label”.

Gen Z music billie eilish carbon magazine

Having said this, it comes to no surprise that the singers Gen Z listens to come from such different backgrounds. Thanks to the ‘end of the decade’ wrap-ups, we saw that some of the most listened artists were Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, but also Drake, BTS and Stormzy. To summarise, here is a list of songs we think could define this generation: the way we live, the way we feel and what makes them who they are.

Post Malone – Rockstar ft. 21 Savage

Billie Eilish – Bad Guy

DJ Snake, J Balvin, Tyga – Loco Contigo

Ariana Grande – 7 Rings

Lil Nas X – Old Town Road

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Jose Jurado