5 totally bizarre chilli combinations you have to try

Calling all spice lovers! And no, we aren’t talking about the Spice Girls sadly, we are talking Scoville Units. If you love heat and aren’t afraid to push the boundaries between pain and pleasure, then these weird chilli combinations might just entice you. 

Everybody loves a cheeky Nando’s Medium Heat Chicken Wrap, but not everyone is dedicated enough to the flames to try something more out of their comfort zone. 

Below I have put together a list of some of the most bizarre chilli combinations out there, how many have you tried?

1. Chilli Chocolate

Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, orange chocolate, spicy chocolate… You aren’t a true spice lover if you haven’t tried this one.

2. Chilli Gummies

We all love sour sweets but what about chilli ones? Packed with fire, when you bite into one of these you release a surprisingly spicy kick!

3. Chilli Cereal

Eating cereal in the evening hits differently but if you want to properly spice up your life, then try adding chilli flakes!

4. Chilli Vodka

If you think vodka is spicy, you should try it with chilli’s infused. You’ll be breathing fire afterwards!

5. Chilli Fruit Salad

Cleanse your palette with this refreshing fruit salad, A little bit of spice never hurt nobody…

Cyra Watts