5 Ways to Make your Room your Happy place

Isolation can quite easily begin to make you feel uneasy and uncomfortable in your home. It’s time to make your space, whatever room of the house, feel inviting and most importantly safe again. Here are a few ideas to improve the environment you’re spending way too much time in!

Written by Lucas Smith

1. Lighting is everything

This is definitely down to preference but your version of calming lighting will make all the difference. Whether it’s a plethora of fairy lights or one colour changing light bulb, you’ll want to thank us later.

Brighten your day with some pretty lighting

2. Memorabilia on Display

If you’re not one for clutter this might not be the hack for you but hanging up those photos from a festival or holiday with your best mates will have such an impact on your mental health. You’ll catch yourself smiling when your eyes drift away from the work you should be doing as you focus in on one of the many great times to be remembered.

Get creative with presentation and reminisce with love

3. Using Bright Colours

Some might use the excuse of this not being your aesthetic, but even adding the smallest pops of colour throughout your space will brighten your day, as plenty of studies have proven.

You could even paint it yourself!

4. Plants

They not only look aesthetically pleasing, but also increase the oxygen levels in your room, which will make you healthier and ergo happier.

cleaner air and clear mind

5. Investing Time and Money into all your senses

Creating a comfortable environment, with all of your senses in mind, is the best advice we can give you. When we say this we mean using comfortable throws and pillows (touch), having your favourite scents being dispersed through a candle or incense (smell), everything we’ve previously mentioned (sight), always maintaining the back up snacks drawer (taste) and finally creating that background ambiance you know you love (hearing) to become completely at peace in your newly upgraded happy place.

Whatever works for you!

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