7 lessons to learn from David Attenborough on saving our planet.

David Attenborough

A picture from his own instagram.

Here are 7 simple tasks that can help you help our planet and begin reversing the effects of global warming.

David Attenborough

Recently David Attenborough took to our screens for a plea of help. He admitted he doesn’t have long left and wanted to get across to people how important it is to change our ways to save our planet. Here are a few ways you can help change the plant for the better…

  1. Reducing your waste.

Whether this is your rubbish, electricity or food waste, you need to begin thinking about how much waste you’re producing a day. To help make a change, you can simply be more cautious about the amount of electric you’re using, remembering to turn lights or plug sockets off. Another way to help is to switch to reusable straws, cups and cutlery. If you realise you may be throwing away the same thing often, begin to think about reusable items to help limit the rubbish coming out from your home. Another simple way to help is to make sure you are recycling everything you can, this makes a huge difference to our planet and every individual helps!


2. Eat less meat.

Now, I’m not asking you to go vegan or vegetarian but simply reducing the amount of meat you eat can help contribute to saving the planet. As meat becomes high in demand, countries are beginning to cut down their trees to create more space production of animals. Changing your eating habits and cutting down on meat, over time, this will help the overproduction of meat and begin saving more trees and space, as well as producing less CO2 overall.

3.  Be responsible for the things you buy.

Without realising, people continue to buy their weekly food shop, not knowing the harm it could be doing to our environment. A big factor of deforestation is for palm oil, an ingredient that can be found in many food items yet also not essential. If you could take your time in shops and focus on the ingredients of what you’re buying, you would be able to cut down on the amount of palm oil being used and in the long run, reduce the amount of deforestation. Palm oil isn’t the only product being overproduced, others include soy and beef. If we could all make some simple substitutes, this could help massively to help save our rainforests and planet.

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4.  Reusable products.

People are used to popping into a coffee shop and coming out with a disposable cup, or utensils. Other people pop into a shop only to bring out a disposable bag or water bottles. This can all quickly add up and begin to produce a serious amount of waste. However, recently more and more people are switching to reusable cups, bags and utensils, reducing a huge amount of waste our country produces. If you haven’t made this swap, maybe you could think about doing so as it’s another simple way to help reduce the amount of waste you create on our planet.

5. Transport 

When the world begins to go back to normal after the coronavirus, you could begin to think about the transport you use to get around. By using public transport, like a train or bus to work, would cut down on your CO2 emissions. If you live closer to work, are you able to cycle or walk? If both of these options aren’t for you, maybe think about car-sharing or maybe switch to an electric or hybrid vehicle. Any of these changes would help you contribute to cutting down the CO2 emissions which are one of the main factors in global warming. 

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6. Discover more and educate yourself.

The best way to helping out our planet is to educate yourself! By researching and discovering more, you will begin to understand why it is so important. Also, you will be in full control of what you change in your lifestyle, researching will give you a border outlook on what you can do which will make it easier for you to decide what changes can be adapted into your lifestyle.

7. Start the convocation.

Once you have educated yourself, it’s time to educate others. By sharing the information and changes you have made to your lifestyle can encourage and motivate those around you to change too. By spreading the word, you could be helping the planet in more ways than you thought as the more people who adapt their lifestyles to help, the quicker the earth can reverse global warming.

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Written by Ellie Trim