Animal Crossing top tips – it’s taking over the world!

Flat Illustrattions

Animal Crossing flat illustrations

If you’re a fan of Animal Crossing (or just love watching the TikToks), you’ll know that designing your island is the most stressful choice ever. Yes ever, designing your digital island for your animal villagers that sing K.K. Bubblegum on repeat is one of the hardest tasks in your life! Luckily, I have a fun quiz and can give you some Animal Crossing top tips – it’s taking over the world!

Top Tip #1, Flowers!

Since New Horizons has been out, there’s been many websites explaining how to plant your flowers to get hybrids! Unfortunately, there’s so many that it’s hard to know what patterns work best! Through trial and error, the 5×5 technique is the way to go! Here’s a guide to keep handy for your gardens:

Extra tip: water between the flowers to boost the hybrid rates – other’s watering your flowers boost it even more!

Animal Crossing 5 x 5 Garden Crossbreeding Guide

Top Tip #2, Terraforming!

I know, in theory scrolling through TikTok/Facebook groups and Pinterest, it’s a dream to picture what goes where, in reality? A mess. No rivers, no cliffs, your villagers are all over the place and you have no idea where to begin! Panic over! There’s this handy website where you create the basic layout of your island! Adding in what you want to change with all the exact measurements – how amazing! Even if you don’t have New Horizons, playing around on this website is pretty fun and you can post your ideas on Pinterest/Instagram/Facebook for inspiration for others!

Happy Island Designer

Top Tip #3, Turnips!

Personally, I haven’t mastered the skill of investing, especially with Turnips. Much like real life, making your money last you might want to invest in stocks, in Animal Crossing, it’s turnips. Every Sunday morning before 12pm, Daisy Mae wanders around your island to sell you turnips to then sell on later in the week. Keeping track on how much Timmy and Tommy buy your turnips for, the tip is to not stick to just your island. Joining a group on Discord or Facebook, or even searching on Twitter helps. But Turnip Exchange is the website you want! You can host people to come to your island if you have good prices, as well as being able to go to others, the money for you is if you charge people to come to your island! Got to pay off the housing debt and island improvements somehow, huh?

Turnip Exchange

However, if you want to stick to your own island, use the Turnip Prophet website! It predicts your Turnip prices for the rest of the week so you have a rough idea if you should venture to another island or stay on yours – it also helps if you want to use the Turnip Exchange website to host others selling on your island!

Turnip Prophet

Quiz time! What villager personality are you?

Q1. It’s your friend’s birthday! What do you write in their card?

  1. Happy Birthday!
  2. Oh my gosh – HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You’re like, my SUPER bff!
  3. Happy Birthday, I made you a cake! You better like it…
  4. Happy Birthday daahling! You’re priceless, you know that!
  5. Have a good birthday, or whatever.
  6. Happy Birthday, I’ll do an extra 10 sit-ups for ya!
  7. Happy Birthday! I can’t wait to eat your cake…with you, of course!
  8. Happy Birthday, my house is best for a soiree, if you were wondering.

Q2. Your friend comes to you for advice, how to you act?

  1. Warm, they need to know they can talk to me!
  2. Distracted, I care but I want to take their mind off their problems too!
  3. Aggressive, if there’s a problem I’m gonna sort it my own way.
  4. Neutral, I care but also don’t.
  5. Slightly caring, don’t want to be too kind and ruin my image.
  6. Defensive, I’ll help them with anything – scaring off anyone!
  7. Nonchalant, I’ll help but they need to relax, nothing’s THAT serious, right?
  8. Dry, I love them but things pass!

Q3. You have a day off to finally do what you want, what is that?

  1. FaceTime my friends and have a gossip day.
  2. Play my favourite music and sing along – you don’t become a pop star by lazing around!
  3. Go out for a walk through the country.
  4. Go shopping – I need to be ahead on the trends!
  5. Stay in and keep to myself, it’s a day for ME!
  6. Go to the gym and stay longer than usual – a day to push myself!
  7. Stay in with Netflix and snacks, a lazy day for sure!
  8. Go out with my friends, but I doubt they’ll choose somewhere nice to go.

Q4. If you were to describe the aesthetic of your bedroom, what would it be?

  1. Pretty basic, I have minimal decorations and keep it super clean!
  2. Super cute, I have bright colours and pictures of my friends everywhere!
  3. Cosy, I have a picture of my friends on my bedside table and fairy lights above my bed.
  4. Flashy, lots of white, grey and glass. Don’t forget about my walk-in wardrobe!
  5. Neutral, I don’t decorate much.
  6. Sporty, got my rowing machine over there, my treadmill back there… uh… what do you mean no room for my bed?
  7. Innovative, my bed is lowered into my floor so I can just roll out, be jealous!
  8. Cool, I take pride in having the best aesthetic, my friends must be pretty envious.

Q5. Dream holiday destination?

  1. Copenhagen, I love how clean their streets are so you can appreciate the aesthetic more!
  2. Los Angeles, that’s where all the famous people live, right?
  3. Florida for a family holiday!
  4. Bahamas, need to get my Insta pics in the white sand – where’s my diamond earring?
  5. Holiday? Maybe a campsite?
  6. In the Himalayan mountains for hiking, leg day everyday!
  7. My living room rather than my bedroom.
  8. Singapore – my friends are going to be SO jealous when I come back with new clothes!

Q6. What describes your style the best?

  1. Charity shops – why not get the basics for half the price?
  2. ASOS – I can’t decide on one style so I look at everything!
  3. My friends’ clothes, they help me find some steals too!
  4. Only the best at Chanel!
  5. I’ve worn the same clothes for years, you need more than 2 t-shirts?
  6. Gymshark, I should have a sponsorship with them I wear so much!
  7. Joggers and baggy Tees please!
  8. I always dress to impress, setting the bar high!

Q7. You’re choosing a film that represents you the best, what is it?

  1. Monster’s Inc, a simple fave!
  2. Clueless, it speaks for itself!
  3. Home Alone, a classic family fave.
  4. Crazy Rich Asians – I love a bit of drama and elegance!
  5. Are We There Yet? – I’m exactly like Nick, kids get on my NERVES!
  6. Rocky of course!  Inspiring!
  7. Aladdin, I feel Jasmine’s tiger, Raja, on a spiritual level.
  8. The Wolf of Wall Street, I’m probably cooler than what’s his face? DiCaprio?

Q8. Finally, if you were to choose a favourite villager based on looks, who would it be?

Chevre Animal Crossing New Horizons
1 = Chevre
Audie Animal Crossing New Horizons
2 = Audie
Chery Animal Crossing New Horizons
3 = Cherry
Pancetti Animal Crossing New Horizons
4 = Pancetti
Gaston Animal Crossing New Horizons
5 = Gaston
Biff Animal Crossing New Horizons
6 = Biff
Cube Animal Crossing New Horizons
7 = Cube
8 = Olaf

Let’s see what you got…

Mostly 1’s – Normal Personality = You may have a slight obsession with cleanliness and hygiene – a trait also found within the Peppy personality! You prefer to talk about others rather than yourself and your problems. You’re the mum of the group! Often friendly, sweet and hospitable towards others, you may also apologise even if you haven’t done anything (guilty!). FYI, you may not get along very well with Cranky people due to their arrogance and sour nature, however, you do manage to get along with Smug, Lazy and Snooty personalities!

Margie Amiibo card Animal Crossing New Horizons

Mostly 2’s – Peppy personality = You’re rarely discouraged from doing anything! You may have short attention spans and a wild imagination, as well as having numerous aspirations (perhaps becoming a pop star?). Although you get along well with the other personality types, the Snooty and Cranky types may have you as the centre of their gossip and jokes, but if they’re rude, you’re not shy to snap back!

Sprinkle Amiibo card Animal Crossing New Horizons

Mostly 3’s – Sisterly personality = You’re a tough cookie! You’re super easy to befriend due to your caring and protective nature, you respect your friends and fight off anyone who tries to cause trouble with them. You get along with pretty much all the personality types apart from Cranky or Snooty ones!

Reneigh Animal Crossing New Horizons

Mostly 4’s – Snooty personality = You act more mature and high class compared to others, often being perceived as rude. You can be hot-tempered and sarcastic, however you eventually open up and become more warm. You may find it hard to get along with the other personalities, often wondering how Jocks can’t be interested in Fashion, worrying about their appearance! You get along well with Cranky personalities as they share the same maturity and viewpoints, as well as Smug personalities due to their Fashion interest!

Tiffany Amiibo card Animal Crossing New Horizons

Mostly 5’s – Cranky personality = You’re a bit out-of-touch with trends and can come across quite bitter. You enjoy gossiping about others and can be quite protective over your friends, getting along best with Snooty and Jock personalities! You might find it difficult getting along with Peppy, Smug and Sisterly personalities, but can eventually open up after some time!

Ricky Amiibo card Animal Crossing New Horizons

Mostly 6’s – Jock personality = You may be obsessed with sports or going to the gym, often bragging about working out and being fit! Stereotypically, you may not be very smart and may confuse yourself a lot, however, you like to give your friends pep talks and encourage them whenever you can (even if you can be a bit competitive!). You get along best with all the personalities apart from the Snooty and Lazy ones!

Tank Amiibo card Animal Crossing New Horizons

Mostly 7’s – Lazy personality = You’re relaxed and easy-going, often unphased by insults and when you’re ill you like to dramatize it a bit! You get along best with Peppy and Normal personalities, conflicting with Jocks and Snooty personalities. You also get along with Cranky personalities.

Hornsby Amiibo card Animal Crossing New Horizons

Mostly 8’s – Smug personality (JULIAN) = You’re very polite and kind, getting along easily with the other personalities. You’re like a mixture of them all, with hints of liveliness and a bit of an ego (sometimes thinking you’re cooler than everyone else). You just might conflict a bit with Cranky, Jock and Sisterly personality types!

Julian Amiibo card Animal Crossing New Horizons

Hopefully you enjoyed these Animal Crossing top tips – it’s taking over the world! Tag us ( @carbononcampus ) on Instagram or Twitter and let us know what personality type you got!

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