Anyone love an organised wardrobe or makeup collection?


Is your new Christmas makeup and clothing starting to pile up? Sick and tired of struggling to find that sweater you’ve been looking for? Some days your house may feel like a zoo, but it shouldn’t look like one. Whip your home into shape by following these expert tips and tricks for tidying spaces — your closet, playroom, bathroom and more — that are notorious for collecting clutter. Your hard work will pay off in the long run with the brilliant help of, @EHLifestyling. You’ll see that having a tidy, clean space, personalised to you can allow your mind to be at ease and even allow you to reimagine new combinations of clothing or makeups ideas, now that you can see everything clearly. 

@EHLifestyling, a professional organiser who turns mess into a miracle, recommends a 4-step strategy that works every time. Edit, Categorise, Contain and maintain. You may be questioning as to what this all mean. Well… get and notepad and pen because these are the tips you’ll want to remember.


She recommends that decluttering your clothes and make-up every few months. When starting to declutter, take every last item out and lay everything in one spot. Gathering every item in one place is essential because it gives you an accurate grasp of how much you have of each item. For an item to stay you need to need it, use it or love it. You also need to remember that makeup doesn’t last forever, the use by stamp on the product will give a time frame of how long to use the product for, for example ‘12M’, this means after 12 months this product it needs to be thrown away; this varies for all different products.


The most basic rule is to hang or fold clothes in the same category together, dividing your space into a knitwear section, trousers section etc. Store everything similar in the same place or in close proximity. However, if you prefer an aesthetically pleasing look, colour co-ordination is the way to go, as it allows you to detect the item you are looking for by the colour, as it will all be in order, ready to grab and use.


When it comes to organising your clothes, the most important item you can buy is matching hangers. She would recommend slim velvet ones, such as these . They are perfect for keeping your wardrobe organised, boasting an extra slim design for space-saving while the shape of the hanger helps to preserve the delicate shape of your clothing. The velvet finish protects delicate fabrics, whilst the notched shoulders prevent clothes from slipping and creasing.  For small spaces all hope is not lost, we swear. Folding clothes is the perfect and affordable way of keeping small spaces practical. Storage containers that fit under your bed give a neat, uncluttered finish to a room that is always hidden away which can be pulled out when needed. On the more glamorous side of things, clear acrylic drawers are ideal and are very popular in the beauty industry, as they allow you to see everything instantly. You can arrange your makeup in a way that suits you. For example, having all of your lip products in one place and your foundations in the next will be unbelievably convenient for you. Go get some of these..


A clear and organised workspace and living space equals less visual clutter and distractions, which in turns allows for more brain space to get on with work. Set aside some time every few months to declutter and organise your space. Not only will this allow you to restock any needed items but to destress, which is what we all need every now and then. 

What are you waiting for, Amazon homeware section is calling your name…

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Written by Martha Siseman x