Are Celebrity Perfumes Coming Back?

Maddi Reynolds

In the early 2000s, celeb fragrances were huge… Britney Spears and Beyonce were sky rocketing in sales with their perfumes. However, ever since 2015, they have been plummeting and sales have been going down every year since as new trends have been released and new fragrances by bigger brands that are out doing the celeb fragrances.

Media coverage has a big part to play in fragrance sales. For example, the Britney Spears documentary that has recently been released has helped the sales with her line of fragrance as well as her engagement that was announced in September.

For example, Rihanna has 11 perfumes to her name but as soon as her Fenty line of perfumes were released, it immediately sold out in the US aswell as it being in high demand in the UK too. Rihanna collaborated with the famous Jacques Cavallier Belletrud who is well known for his creations with Louis Vuitton.

Britney Spears’s ‘Curious’ perfume made 100 million dollars in the first year alone which according to the Daily Mail, a fragrance was sold every 15 seconds.

J Lo’s fragrance was also very popular, making more money than her music was.

Another reason why Celebrity fragrances are making a comeback is ‘psychological closeness’. A lot of people want an idea of what their favourite celebrity smells like but have never met them so a lot of fans are influenced by their favourite celebs smell. Most are an affordable entry point for fans too, the stars seem to make them at a reasonable price but still living a sense of their life in a way.

Over time, celebrity fragrances have been creeping up the market each year after declining in sales..