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With the rise of supporting small businesses due to COVID-19, came the rise in supporting small black-owned businesses. Quickly after the BLM movement, lots of posts on social media put light on some amazing POC and their brands! From food to candles, courtesy of @the_self_hood ‘s Instagram post, here’s some Black-owned businesses you should start supporting!

Elsie and Fred (@elsieandfred)

Owned by siblings: Natalie, Leanne and Ryan Lloyd Haynes. Named after their grandparents, the brand strives to empower every female on the planet since 2015! Every single item is designed in their studio in Bermondsey, London all the way from the prints to the fabric sourcing to the zip detail. With over 150k followers on their Instagram, they’re pretty popular – with the messages “everyone deserves to dress bold and free” and “everyone should live fierce and empowered”, you can definitely see this through their vibrant products below!

Ore mi candles (@oremicandles)

A soya wax candle shop owned by Karen Olla from Nigeria! She hand pours the candles in London and her husband Stephan Turner does all the packaging and dispatching. She originally started Ore Mi as a creative hobby outside of working, keeping her mental health at bay – with this message being behind the candles today. With just over 1,500 followers on Instagram and recently having their candles in a pop-up store on Broadway Market in Shoreditch (@tend_london), they’re becoming very popular.

With scents like Honey & Tobacco, Coconut & Lime (both remind her of Nigeria and it’s wealthy supply of natural resources),  Vanilla Extract and Grapefruit & Sugar Cane – no wonder why they’re all sold out! They have a gofundme page we’ve linked to help them launch more scents and support them while doing so. They’re under £1000 away from their target! Make sure you check out their website too. This is definitely one of the Black-owned businesses you should start supporting today!

Reset travel (@resettravel)

Owned by Kayla, monthly giftboxes and travel tools that aim to encourage powerful trips with minimal impact to our planet. Less focus on consumption (like shopping and dining out), visiting the same destinations as everyone else etc. They want more travels with intentions to unlikely destinations, since corona virus hit; they released their slow travel webinar. The webinar is how to plan high-impact trips with minimal impact on the planet, where you learn about your holiday habits and can see the alternate way of travelling. Here’s the link to the webinar and website!

Resettravel Slow Fashion Workshop header image

Nyanza D (@nyanzad_)

Illustrator/animator/painter from London! With just under 30k followers on Instagram, you can see in her work that she’s heavily inspired by POC (people of colour). On her Etsy shop (MonchiCards) you can see she also sells stickers, pins and patches. A theme throughout her work is bedrooms? Not entirely sure why, but we’re living for it! It gives the characters in her pieces different personalities and it really brings it all together!

Harper & Blake (@harperandblake)

Harper & Blake is a luxury fashion accessory brand in London. They both met while designing for a popular iPhone case brand, Iconemesis. They were polar opposites but shared innovative views on the world. The pair discovered a gap in the market for quality fashion-tech cases that appealed to women of all styles! In August 2015 their brand was born – Harper designed for the minimalist people while Blake designed quirky, colourful imagery to brighten up any fit! Today, you’ll find products like laptop cases, wallet cases and scarves! Have a look at their website!

Gal-dem (@galdemzine)

An online and print publication committed to sharing the perspective of women and non-binary POC. They focus on addressing inequality and misrepresentation in the industry through creative and editorial work of their community (e.g. essays, news, art, music, politics). They also welcome people with a lived experience within Journalism and being a POC (94% white and 55% male) to redress the imbalance in media. Check out their website for their online versions and to become a member!

Image from: ‘I felt totally alone’ article from Gal-dem

thy.self (@thy.self)

Founded by Chloe Pierre, this is a safe space for self-loving, self-care and wellness. Instagram page has just over 8000 followers, showing their tips and stories. Their link in their bio shows all the different platforms they use. For example, they have a Self-Care Sis podcast on Spotify, a WhatsApp group, a playlist and a few other bits too. Check out their Instagram (linked above) to go support them and join in on the self-lovin’!

Babes on Waves (@babesonwavesclub)

This club is an online self development page of events and workshops by Jazz (Jasmine). Aiming to support female business owners in building confidence within themselves! They mainly give tools and support needed to build confidence in others and their businesses.

The owner, Jazz, went through a lot of insecurity and low self esteem as a teen, moving from New York, to Thailand, to the Caribbean, she finally went to a English country-side boarding school. In her 2nd year at uni, she says she went through some pretty rough stuff that forced her to look at herself and admit how unhappy she was. Slowly building her confidence up; “I do what I do because I love being part of the process of helping women become more “them”!” Their website explains what they focus on: Diversity, Accountability and Community! You can become a member as well as seeing on Instagram what affirmations they have and tips.

Jasmine the babesonwavesclub founder
Image from babesonwaves website

BBQ in a Box (@bbqinabox)

This food delivery service delivers BBQ marinated meats, moreish sides and freshly made salads – YUM! Based in London, Essex & Surrey, you can build a box of what you want from box bundles: to picking your own meats, fish, and sides! From their Instagram (with just over 1000 followers), you can see they’ve been trying out some new dishes and have still been delivering during the pandemic! Check out their website too!

I hope, like myself, we’ll all start seeking out businesses from POC that deserve the attention. From this article, I hope you like some of these Black-owned businesses that you should start supporting!

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