Daniel Arsham… but DIY!

Daniel Arsham Dior Paris 2020

Daniel Arsham at Dior 2020 Paris Fashion week show

So, like everyone else, I’m currently reminiscing about my holidays before lockdown. Back in February, I went to Daniel Arsham’s exhibition in Perrotin. Seeing his posts on Insta, I began to think – how does he do this? He often shows how, but I thought about how WE can create our own work like Daniel Arsham… but DIY!

Firstly, you’ll ne- wait, who IS Daniel Arsham? Arsham’s art is between the line of art, architecture and performance. He works with sculpture, architecture, drawing and film. Creating and crystallizing ambiguous in-between spaces or situations, and further stages what he refers to as “future relics of the present”.

Daniel Arsham in front of sculpture props
The Future was Then by Daniel Arsham - showing architectual art side
Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Museum of Art in Georgia, The Future Was Then

Secondly, my main inspiration for researching how to make our own bootleg versions was from these pieces in the “Paris 3020” exhibition in Galerie Perrotin, Paris:

The pieces reminded me of the moulding trend not too long ago seen on TikTok and YouTube (can watch Jenna Marbles’ video for a quick reminder)! I was surprised how easy these people made it look. Imagine some crystals popping out of your hands!

All you need is:

-Moulding Powder


-A bucket

-Cold water





Here’s some kits I found on Amazon for an idea, as well as some crystals:

Once you make your mould, use your hammer and screwdriver to chip away at places big enough to fit your chosen crystals. Use superglue to glue them in place and you’ll have a fun piece like Daniel Arsham… but DIY!

I think this idea is PERFECT to do with a friend, family member, partner etc. It’s so fun to do on one of these hot sunny days we’ve been having! It could also be a cute sentimental gift or decoration – symbolising anything from unity to friendship – positive attributes to any room!

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