Defining Your Personal Brand

Personal branding written under torn paper.

If you don’t know what personal branding is – get to know! It’s defined as “the conscious effort to create and influence public perception of an individual, typically by elevating their credibility and authority in an industry.” 

This is something that Annelies James-Ryan knows all too well, and her brand 22 Midnight specialises in helping people with their social media branding, for both their personal use and for their business.

So, what tips does Annelies give to people looking to work on their personal brand? And why is it important? The savvy entrepreneur says that working on your personal brand is essential as it shows your authentic self, your skillset and personality, which is crucial in a competitive industry. 90% of people will buy from people they trust… so appearing trustworthy, approachable and knowledgeable is key to success.

The first step is to write down three things you love most in the world such as sports and hobbies. 

Then look at why you love those things. Annelies talks about how if you like sports, you could link this to being great in a team or being a very dedicated person who loves a challenge.

The next step is to see what patterns come out of this across all three things you love. For example, “sports may lead to teamwork, crafting may lead to socialising and family may lead to community – these are your values.”

All that’s left now is to test them. Are you committing to these values every day? A great example Annelies gives is to call up a friend and ask them, “If you were feeling down, what would you message me for?”.

Once you have your values, you are set to commit to your personal brand, and people will notice your authenticity very quickly.

Check out Annelies on LinkedIn, or on her website: for more information.

Amy Dulwich