‘Harry’s House’ and it’s Hidden Gems

After two what seems like very long years, Harry Styles fans become united again after the announcement of the new HS3 album. The album is called ‘Harry’s House’, and is due to release May 20th. The teaser video has already been released, and you can watch it below. The album is due to have 13 new songs, and was announced on March 23rd. However, fans believe Harry was secretly announcing the new album on March 18th, and here’s why.

Now, this new theory of Harry Styles dropping a new album is a long one… In February a Twitter account with the handle ‘youarehome’ was created. On March 18th they posted their first post, a simple text with the words ‘you are home’. The account immediately got attention as fans had begun to put ideas together that Harry Styles was announcing a new album. In the account’s bio they had a link to a website, and on the website was just a door. From then on, each day at 4 the account would post some text and the door would be updated. On March 19th, the Twitter account wrote ‘the door is open, come on in’. The door was then updated to be slightly ajar with an image of what looked like sunflower stems. The next day, the tweet said ‘what happens in between colours’, with the door’s image being updated to a blue colour fading into red. The day after, the door changed to an image of the Earth, and the words ‘in this world, it’s just us, you know it’s not the same as it was’. Fans believed these could potentially be new song lyrics, and that Harry Styles was behind the account.

‘You Are Home’ Twitter account

The account then got verified on Twitter, and the door changed once again at 4. This time is was a picture of mushrooms. One main reason fans believed Styles was behind the account was because there was a Discord link in the ‘we are home’ twitter bio. The Discord account was verified, and to get verified on Discord you have to be a game developer, game publisher, or a Spotify verified musical artist. To make things even more interesting, Styles and the HSHQ Instagram followed the ‘wearehome’ Twitter account. Finally, the door updated once again to the Harry’s House album cover, and the account tweeted ‘welcome home’.

With the announcement of the album, die hard fans have come out from under their rocks to analyse all of Styles’ songs and things he has said in previous concerts and interviews. Seriously, some of these fans should work for the FBI with their detective skills.

Image taken from the Ticketmaster website for the 2022 tour at Wembley Stadium, London

Many fans were left confused after the European tour was released, with standing pit tickets being named ‘Kitchen’, ‘Hallway’, and ‘Bedroom’. Most put it down to the Harry Styles and Fine Line albums, as these places are mentioned in some of his songs. (‘Kitchen’ is mentioned in the song ‘Sunflower, Vol 6’ with the line ‘Kiss in the kitchen like it’s a dance floor’, ‘Hallway’ is stated in the song ‘Meet Me In The Hallway’, and ‘Bedroom’ is in the song ‘Only Angel’ with the lyrics ‘Broke a finger knocking on your bedroom door’.) However, it has been realised that with the new album being called ‘Harry’s House’ and the places in a house being in the tour tickets, people that are attending the European tour will quite literally be in Harry’s house. Many fans believe this is because Styles was born in the UK, so he feels as though the UK is his home despite living in LA. This can also be backed up from Harry Styles’ previous concerts in America, as at the end he has shouted ‘send me home’ several times.

Watch the teaser video below:

‘Harry’s House’ teaser video

Speculation on the social media platform TikTok has already begun over the album, with many of Styles’ fans believing the teaser video shows many hidden gems.

One of the main ideas is that the music on the teaser video is actually a teaser for one of the new songs on the album. When playing normally the music appears quite mellow, and to be honest quite boring. However, if playing the video in reverse there’s a typical song structure that sounds a lot like other music Styles has produced. When reversed, it starts slow and then all of a sudden breaks out into a loud, crashing rhythm. This has been seen in his songs ‘Kiwi’ and ‘Only Angel’. Not only does the background music actually sound like it should be reversed, but there’s a stunning piano part nearer the end.

‘Harry’s House album cover

In this particular image, you can see Styles’ stood in an upside down room, look down at the ceiling. Obviously this is fitting for the album with the world ‘House’ in the title, however fans have done some digging and come up with an interesting theory. In the song ‘Canyon Moon’ on the Fine Line album, a line in the songs states ‘Staring at the ceiling’, and the next line is ‘Two weeks and I’ll be home’. The idea behind this theory is that as Styles uploaded this image to Instagram and he is looking at the ceiling, in two weeks time he will release a single. This theory is a stretch, but Styles has been known to hide many easter eggs on his social medias, foreshadowing tours or new songs.

Image taken from the ‘Harry’s House’ teaser video

Obviously all of these things are just speculation from excited fans on social media platforms, but there’s only one way to know the truth: wait until May 20th. Could this all be true? Could Harry Styles be messing with us all? Or is it all one giant coincidence?

One thing we do all know for sure though, is that we are all extremely excited for the new album.

Pre-save ‘Harry’s House’ below on the Harry Styles website for Spotify and Apple Music.

By Emma Foakes