Have you heard of Unistella? If not, this is why you should

Park Eun-Kyung, mostly known as Unistella, is a nail artist based in South Korea. Having worked with Bella Hadid and BLACKPINK, this nail artist has gained quite a reputation. She was also the first Korean nail artist to have worked backstage in New York Fashion Week in 2016. 

She loves to create minimalistic yet unique nail art and has gone viral for her shattered glass nails. Unistella wants her customers to have wearable yet still outstanding nails. Taking inspiration from day-to-day life, she is able to make the simplest things look phenomenal on a nail bed. 

Shattered Glass Nail Art

Some of her other popular designs including electrical wire designs and using nail rings. “Why should nail art only stay inside the nails? What if we could wear nail art designs as jewelry?” asks Unistella. Her inspiration behind this idea brought her to where she is today. She also sells her nail-ring designs on her website.

Wire Nail Art
Nail Jewellery

“People may think that doing their nails is not always necessary but I am sure they would all know that the nails are an important part of the body that is no less in need of attention. So I wanted to prove that”, says Park Eun Kyung.

Here are some of Unistella’s designs that are perfect for Spring/Summer 2021!

A lipstick-shaped nail with a clean nude colour
Abstract pastel matte nail art
Crocheted Nails

Check out her personal Instagram page for amazing nail art, or her store’s Instagram page for more inspiration for your next nail salon appointment.

Written by Sally Ellin