Having a Healthy Relationship With Social Media

Don’t let your social media become a negative experience; whether it’s Instagram, Facebook or Twitter make your feed a positive place with our top tips

A friend of mine disappeared off most of their social media recently. Dropped it all after being an active user for 6 years. Several others mentioned they might also decide do the same. I’m sure you’ve seen similar posts from people you know, and people you don’t; about needing a break from social media. it’s easy to let the most negative ones filter through and bring you down. It can be exhausting, and if your real life is already a struggle, adding digital gloom can be overwhelming.

It really doesn’t have to be that way. it’s really about knowing how to make these services work for you in a beneficial way, not drag you down.

Starting with Instagram which are significantly easier to make pleasant compared to Facebook and Twitter: Simply don’t follow accounts or hashtags you don’t like. Quite simply, if Instagram is showing you things you don’t like, don’t click on it. Click on something else. It won’t take long for the app to adjust and show you that. If you want to get rid of what you don’t like faster, you can even change a setting and the app will not show it. Or just skip the Search page altogether and only look at the accounts you follow, assuming you’ve culled that list down to just the ones that spark joy Or inspire you

While Instagram is easy to make positive, and Facebook generally so, Twitter it tends to be more difficult to avoid what you don’t want to see but on the other hand, there are a lot of funny accounts and the fact people can retweet and reply to each other can be enjoyable to read; it IS is possible to make positive, it just takes more effort than the other two platforms. The unfollow rule from Facebook and Insta applies here as well. Muting and blocking accounts is a good place to start. This gets rid of the most terribly toxic tweeters. Semi-usefully you can also mute words. This is time consuming, but it lets you slightly filter whatever regularly brings you down.

If it’s been a struggle to make an account positive; if you’ve been using for ages; like my friend. A good thing to do I literally just start a new one.  A select group of friends. After some time off, you’ll have a better idea of what you miss and what you want out of these services, and fine tune them to only show you that.