How do influencers influence you?

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So today we’re chatting about influencers. Over on our Instagram (@carbononcampus) we asked a few questions on our stories to see how far influencers influence you… and if they’re the right ones. How do influencers influence you?

My aim was to maybe see a pattern with our audience’s opinions on their homepages and find out how they view their influencers. For our first question, B and C were tied with how people would follow an account tagged or buy what their influencer was wearing. Very few would buy a product being advertised. Was this down to me choosing that Kim K ‘diet lollipop’ scandal? Maybe, however I did state how the influencers in the pictures should not be confused with the questions being about them – so who knows!

Kim Kardashian diet lollypop ad, How do influencers influence you?

How far do they influence you?

How far do they influence you? Luckily from our audience, not too far! C got the highest picks with people taking their influencers’ opinions into consideration with their own. B having 10 people state they’re likely to have the same opinion as their influencers and only 2 possibly changing theirs. Granted, with everything going on with Kanye, perhaps choosing his picture subconsciously made our audience think of his views and if so, it’s quite good to see they take his opinions into consideration, even considering his mental health too.

Kanye West praying, How far do they influence you?

How well do they influence you?

Molly Mae was the chosen picture for this one; surprisingly A got the most picks with ‘I’m likely to see positive content from them’ at 20. B and C drawing with people seeing body-focused related content and seeing people with a love/hate relationship with the public eye (people like Tana Mongeau, Nikita Dragun etc). I was surprised as I thought most of our audience would have chosen the body related content, however it’s fab to see it’s mainly positive content for them!

Mollie Mae bodycon suit modelling How well do they influence you?

How should they influence you?

How should they influence you was a very interesting addition I think. As this was were I could tell how people viewed influencers. A’s first, with most of our audience agreeing on seeing positive content, with only a few between B and C. None of these choices are bad, but I’m glad C didn’t get many picks as I viewed that answer in the cosmetic surgery way.

Millie Bobby Brown, How should they influence you?

In conclusion, I think 52% of our audience agreeing they need an un-following spree proves how we can differentiate how our influencers can influence us. Thinking about it can show us how we don’t need them as an influencer. Have a look at your homepage and unfollow anyone who gives you negative emotions – start small!

Do you need an UN-following spree Instagram story

Try following more clothing companies, make-up artists, illustrators, home décor inspiration, anything that interests you – influencers come in different fields and sizes, you can fill your page full of the positive ones you want! To begin, you could follow @carbononcampus and see what influencers pop up from us… shameless promo, sorry!

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