How to edit your instagram photos like pro

Instagram vogue edit

If you are feeling like you need to add some spice to your Instagram profile, here’s how you can achieve some of the most trending Instagram edits from a few simple clicks on your phone!

Today Instagram is more than just shearing pictures, it’s about building a profile to express your personality and interests. With everyone trying to get noticed, sometimes a simple Instagram edit can make your account stand out from the crowed. All over Instagram, influencers have been stepping up their photo editing skills leaving us feeling inspired but helpless on how to achieve these edits ourselves. Although some have let their editing secrete out of the bag, we are all left feeling a little disappointed as the editing software they use often comes at a heavy price. 

This iPhone app will have you editing your images like a pro in no time. PicsArt is a free, easy to use editing app which allows you create detailed photo edits. Now I for one am not the biggest fan of free editing app as they often sell you the dream but leave you feeling restricted to one filter (quite literally) However, PicsArt blew me away. The app is so simple to use and although there is an option to pay for premium access, you can achieve just about any style of edit without any subscription.  

Now that you know where to edit your photos, before you head off and try out the endless amount of ways you can edit your image to be like the pros. Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to achieves some of these trending photo edits only using the Picsart app to get you started.

Edit one 

Step 1: Find a gorgeous image of yourself open it up on the app and cut it out. To cut an image out you need to select the cut out button and then press person. This should only cut out the person in the image. To achieve this edit you will want to cut out about three or four images of yourself posing in different positions. Once you have cut the image out then press save draft. 

Step 2: Go on Pinterest and find some funky Y2k backgrounds. Here are some examples: 

Step 3: Now open up your chosen background image on the app. Then press add photo and add a different photo directly on top of the other background image. Then use the blend tool to blend the images together and get the desired effect. 

Step 4: Next add your images that you previously cut out individually to the background and position them to get your desired look. When you add an image there will be an option to add border, click that and chose whatever colour you desire to border your images. Once you’ve chosen a colour you can use the amount button to choose how thick you want the border. 

Step 5: Finally, click the mask tap and then press dust to give your photo a vintage Y2K effect and voila you have and photoshop quality edited photo.   

Edit 2 

For a tutorial on edit 2 (my personal favourite) head over to our carbon on campus TikTok  (carbononcampus)

By Laure Murphy