How to Spring Clean your life

With the new season approaching fast, it’s time to get ready for the annual spring clean up. Spring cleaning is an excellent way to organise your life again and feel more in control. Getting rid of things you no longer need or use, opens space for new things that can bring you joy in the warmer season. Spring cleaning can also be done with your day to day life to benefit you in many different ways. Follow these tips to turn over a new leaf, just in time for the approaching season, to give yourself a fresh start.

Let go of toxic relationships

Whether it’s a partner or a friend, a toxic relationship is never okay. Realising that the relationship is toxic is the first step. Use this time as a fresh start to let go of people who put you down or hold you back in life and put yourself first.

Make Lists

Making lists is an instant way to declutter your brain and feel organised again. Any jobs that you have to do, things that you have to buy or work that you have to do. Once it’s all written down, everything seems much more manageable and also allows you to have the satisfaction of crossing things off the list once you’ve done them.

Clear your personal space 

Although this is all about spring cleaning your life, an organised living space makes for an organised mind. Clearing things out that you no longer use can be extremely satisfying and gives you room to replace it for things you might need.

Sort through your socials

A social media detox is up there with the most relieving feelings. Unfollow any accounts that you no longer want to see, people you no longer want to keep up with and feel no shame doing so! It’s not a personal thing, you are just moving on in your life. Unsubscribing from those annoying emails you always delete without opening takes a while but you will feel 10x better for doing so.

Change up your diet

Changing your diet isn’t always about losing weight or changing your appearance. Diet is one of the most important things when it comes to not just physical health but also mental health. Insuring you are giving your body all the right vitamins and nutrients it needs to be able to do it’s job properly is vital for a refreshed, vibrant, new you.

By Ava Monaghan