I’m dreaming of a TikTok Christmas… for wishlist inspo, duh!

TikTok Christmas

I'm dreaming of a TikTok Christmas... for wishlist inspo, duh!

Over on our Instagram not too long ago we chatted about Christmas! Whether you celebrate or not, you may know someone who does and can’t think of what to get them. I’m dreaming of a TikTok Christmas… for wishlist inspo, duh! TikTok has a super helpful trend at the moment “#christmaswishlist” or “#christmaswishlistideas” – a quick list of things people are asking for Christmas! From mushroom speakers to self care packages, there’s something for everyone!

Someone who doesn’t like anything in particular

-Gift cards (Amazon, Etsy, Waterstones, LUSH, Superdrug, Schuh/Office – anything with lots of choice!)

-LED lights (if they don’t have some already! Yes, they’re a huge trend, basic or not, everyone loves them! Endless colours for them to choose from – it’s something thoughtful yet widely loved!)

Candle gift set/Reed diffuser sticks (candles are such simple creations that can bring anyone a bit of relaxation to their home. If they’re not bothered by much, a simple set of mini candles will be perfect for them to see which scents they like and if you’re not 100%, try some reed diffuser sticks!)

Someone who cares

Glow and grow candle kit (mainly the idea: buy a simple herb/flower seeds pack & a soft candle scent, I recommend the ‘All is Bright’ scent from Yankee Candle, and once the candle’s finished – they can add the seeds in with some soil to repurpose the jar into a care project!)

Mini humidifier (to go with the glow and grow candle idea, someone who cares may already have other plants. Purifying their air keeps their skin hydrated as well as helping if they have a cold, it’s a perfect gift! Plants love it too!)

-Christmas care package (fluffy socks, a box of their favourite tea, small candle/tealights, face masks, a moisturiser, their fave sweets/chocolate, anything someone who cares would love – is someone else who cares!)

Someone sporty

-SOCKS (seems like a boring gift, but they lose and go through so, many, socks! They’ll thank you and actually appreciate it!)

Biiig water bottle (yes, quite literally huge! Doesn’t have to be this one, but they’ll appreciate a huge water bottle. For workouts, gym days, game days, or even for throughout the days they can’t get out of bed to keep refilling their glass!)

-Protein, protein, protein (any and every fitness fanatic talks about protein! Whether it’s powder or bars, create a little protein bag to save them some money for their gymwear!)

Someone artistic

-Handpainted rock gift set (go find some rocks on a walk, some small acrylic paints from Hobbycraft/The Works/ASDA and create a special Pinterest board for some inspo – classic Smiley? Floral? A Van Gogh painting? Go get some inspo and a small gift bag, making a thoughtful artistic gift set!)

Wax seals kit (can be added in for bullet journaling, collages, sealing cards / letters, anything really, what a find!)

Watercolour postcard set (assuming they already have watercolours, buy a small pack of cards they can create some watercolour designs on! Whether they cut them in half for postcards or keep them as they are for occasion cards, your artistic friend now has a small thoughtful gift!)

Someone indie

Geode ornaments (for their mini Christmas tree, Tree of Life, or simply nailed to the wall! Can hang their ornaments either way for an extra natural addition to their room)

Mushroom speaker (or ‘Boom Shroom Bluetooth speaker’ – at this time I can’t find it online, thanks to viral TikTok lists. However, if they pop back up – it’s worth it! A sweet little mushroom sitting on their desk, bedside table, windowsill or for on-the-go, playing their favourite playlists! An indie dream, aaah…)

Moon lamp (different colours, some doubling up as a humidifier. This gives you endless choice to give your indie friend a sweet lamp to chill out with, or use for photoshoots!)

Someone girly

Cocktail kit (Pornstar Martini’s, Mojito’s, Prosecco cocktails, the best cocktail gifts for your girls having a fun cocktail night, in advance, you’re welcome!)

-Tan kit (Check: fake tan , moisturiser , body scrub , baby oil , a tan mitt , headband , makeup brushes and maybe a LUSH bath bomb! These ideas, optional for your pro or new fake tan queen, will give you a full kit for tan application and removal – a thoughtful and handy gift set!)

-Makeup bundle (eyeshadows , lip glosses , highlight , brow and lash serum – the necessities for a thoughtful bundle! Showing you know your bestie as well as wanting them to take care of their natural beauty, a bundle like this would be appreciated by all the girlies!)

Someone who loves streetwear

Basketball planter (hanging or standing, have a hunt for the perfect basketball planter to match in with your hypebeast’s streetwear room!)

Sneaker desktop calendar/prints (to decorate their room to match their aesthetic, fab for an affordable gift in their interest!)

Transparent shoe box display (anyone who loves their shoes would love these boxes for display, as well as easy access to their favourite pairs! Affordable and thoughtful for the streetwear guru you have in mind!)

Someone who wants to start a new hobby

Crochet kit (hats, blankets, toys, any crochet-related kit you can think of! The crochet bee is quite popular at the moment too!)

-Paint set with inspo (get a set of paints , an A5 sketchbook, a pack of brushes and a Pinterest board! Giving your giftee some inspiration to try painting memes, scenery, or simply doodling is a sure way to encourage their new hobby!)

-Meditation time (starting with a meditation book and a Spotify playlist! Meditation just requires an open mind, a quiet and comfy space and some inspiration to begin! If you want to spoil them with this hobby, find a comfy floor cushion, a Tibetan singing bowl, or even bits to create their very own zen garden – more ideas here!)

Someone who seems like they have everything

HAY crates (range of colours and sizes, stackable and multi-purpose. Someone who seems like they have everything may not have trendy crates at hand! For displaying plants, books, jewellery, clothing or even for easily de-cluttering their desk space at the end of the day!)

Waterstone’s voucher (someone who has everything doesn’t have every book in the world! Books ranging from fiction to horoscopes, even stationary means there’s something for any of their interests!)

-Finally, Noodle galore (they’ll thank you massively for supplying their lunch and dinner for the next few months! Just get a medium or big gift box and fill it with different noodle flavours! I’m probably going to do this for myself now…)

Thanks for the inspo from: @madelynshieldsc , @lilycriggs , @.allyssa and @uh.shayl on TikTok. And of course, myself! I’m dreaming of a TikTok Christmas… for wishlist inspo, duh!

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