Inspo for enjoying Halloween extra safe this year!

Ghosts swirling

So Halloween this year is obviously a little bit different – doesn’t mean we can’t have fun though! Yes, if you have enough people in your Uni accommodation to join in, or feel comfortable to, have a flat party through your hall and have some games / costumes planned (can be super quick!). Here’s some inspo for enjoying Halloween extra safe this year!

Among Us themed party, anyone?

Among Us friends party Inspo for enjoying Halloween extra safe this year!

You must’ve played Among Us by now! If not, start practising before Halloween! With your flatmates or 6 of your friends, gather together and create a task for each room (e.g. swiping your paper cards in the livingroom sof – uh, Admin, or rewiring the electrical wires in the hall).

Pick your character colours (or whatever costume you created) and wear something to match (e.g. all black, a yellow hair band, red t-shirt etc), doesn’t have to be anything fancy when on a budget! Of course, add in a rule for taking shots (if you want to mix alcohol into it) – like everytime you have a meeting everyone starts off with a shot, and if anyone votes against you for being sus – take a shot!

But how does the imposter win this way? Well, ways for them to win would be finding one of you alone in a room and having a code to know when you’re out – like tapping someone on the top of their head to make them lay on the floor/bed/sofa and be “dead” – you might think of something better but just a suggestion to keep it safe while being drunk!

Some extra ideas:

-Got coloured LED’s? Match the colour to your character for your uni room to make the meetings clearer when discussing

-Turn off all your lights and only use the flash on your phones at different brightness levels for your ‘vision’

-Get black paper from The Works / ASDA and tape it to your windows for extra vision restrictions with the flash (can paint some white stars on them too or stick some glow in the dark ones for the Space theme if you have them!)

-Bottle flipping as a task? You can’t finish the task unless it lands upright!

Halloween mini-games on a budget

Pin the Skeleton game Inspo for enjoying Halloween extra safe this year!

Don’t like Among Us? That’s fair, how about a Halloween party on a budget – actually Halloween themed?

So firstly, Poke-A-Pumpkin anyone? Simply buy some tissue paper at the Card Factory / ASDA / The Works for about £1 (with your party essentials shop), cover some spare paper cups with tissue paper after adding your surprises!

A shot? A challenge? A dare? Poke-A-Pumpkin is a fun chance game with minimal craft and money expenses – just time to come up with some challenges…

Poke-A-Pumpkin game for Inspo on how to enjoy Halloween extra safe this year!

Reuse those paper cups again to create the Ghost Tower! Throw a small ball / pingpong ball at the cups and take a shot/sip from your drink for each one you knock down – if you somehow knock them all, you choose who takes the shots!

Ghost tower cups for Inspo on enjoying Halloween extra safe this year!

Finally, pick up a few discounted / almost out of date pumpkins and glow sticks for a Halloween ring toss! Turn off the lights and get enough glow sticks to mark around the pumpkins. Fit a few around the stalks – every ring you get on them is a shot / challenge / dare!

All images from Pinterest

Party playlist

Now no Party is complete without a playlist! Don’t worry, we got you covered. You can use our Party playlist linked here to use, or even for inspo for your own! Save any of the songs you like, or if you can’t be bothered, just use ours!

Whatever you do, we hope you stay safe this Halloween and still enjoy yourselves. Hopefully our Inspo for enjoying Halloween extra safe this year helped you come up with ideas for celebrating the spooky season!

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