Insta-ready uni rooms on a budget

6 ways to make your room at university feel like yours

With halls being plain and simple, your room is going to be the perfect canvas for an Instagram worthy space! We’ve got 6 ways to transform your room without breaking the bank or putting your deposit on the line.

1. House plants

House plants are extremely popular at the moment, and for good reason. They add a touch of colour and a spruce of sophistication to the room and give you something to look after. Not ready to be a plant mum? Opt for an artificial plant! Neither real nor fake plants cost too much so they’re a perfect alternative to flowers which die after a few days.

Our faves

Parlour palm (Real), IKEA £1.75

Artificial plant, IKEA £5.00

2. Photo prints and pins

Polaroid style photo prints are such an aesthetic way to display your best memories and they’re the quickest route to making your room feel like your own. A selection of photos and a pack of cute pins will take your halls pinboard from bland to boujee in no time!

Our faves

Rose gold push pins, Amazon £7.29

Clear & rose gold push pins, Amazon £3.99

3. Fairy lights

From simple white LEDs to big multi-coloured baubles, string lights are the perfect way to create a homely feel in your room. An easy way to hang your lights is on your pinboard or around your shelving- this way you won’t even have to stick anything to the walls.

Our faves

Multi-coloured bulb chain, IKEA £5.00

Warm white 50 LED string lights, Etsy £4.49

4. Mirrors

It’s likely that your room in halls will already have a full length mirror (something to check first!) but little desk mirrors are a great way to reflect light in your room and create a bright space, plus they’re perfect for mirror selfies and doing your makeup.

Our faves

Gold round mirror, Matalan £5.00

Marble effect mirror, Wilko £12.00

5. Storage boxes

If you tend to have a lot of stuff and aren’t convinced your Uni wardrobe will be able to take it, opt for some cute storage boxes/trays that’ll add to the look of your room and take away the clutter!

Our faves

Pink fabric storage tray, Matalan £6.00

Foldable fabric storage box, Matalan £7.00

6. Bedding

Make your bed look and feel the part with stylish bedding. A nice duvet cover and a few pretty cushions will bring the room together and make your bed feel like a cosy space- plus it’ll be an incentive to actually make it in the morning.

Our faves

Charcoal faux fur cushion, Wilko £4.00

Reversible geometric duvet set, The Range from £8.39

Written by Sophie Corderoy