Insta Story Hacks!

OOTD Bold Text Insta Story

OOTD shoot for Insta Story example

Using Instagram everyday, many of us tap through the Stories without looking at them properly. Do any catch your eye? Carbon has some Insta Story Hacks you can use to make your stories pop! Your story will be that bit more interesting! Tag us in your Insta stories to show us what your fave Insta Story Hacks are (@carbononcampus)!

Hack #1: Colour gradient text!

Firstly, choose one of your fave pics, then add some text and hold down the colours! You should now have the gradient colour bar. As you slide along the colours, pull the blue pointer along your text to create a gradient throughout for a very aesthetic story! Multitasking like a pro…

Festival of Light Gradient Text
Example of Gradient text at the Festival of Light

Hack #2: Solid backgrounds!

Secondly, have you ever wanted a more minimalist story? A pic with a border around for a sleeker look? Well, you can! All you need to do is go onto the draw icon (preferably pencil), hold down on your screen and it covers it completely with your chosen colour! After that, use the eraser tool to write & reveal a new post, or simply layer a pic on top! Here’s my quick example…

Solid Bakcgrounds example
Solid Background with parts revealed for example of Bape article

Hack #3: Tap here!

Go to your chosen post, add it to your story, find a gif you love and then done! When people view your story and click the GIF, it’ll go directly to your chosen post!

Tap Here! example
Tap Here! Insta Story example

Hack #4: Collage!

Choose any photo from your camera roll, go onto your Photos app and choose another, clicking the icon in the bottom left and Copy Photo. Go back onto your story and it’ll appear in the corner letting you add it in and create your collage! Here’s mine…

Balenciaga Collage
Balenciaga Collage for Insta Story example

Hack #5: Easy Illustrations!

Ever want to add something little to your story to keep it interesting? Well, something as simple as adding “Good Morning” could make your pic more aesthetically pleasing. Take a pic from your camera roll, add a swirl over the top of your morning tea/coffee and add “Good” with the pencil tool. After that, rub a gap through it with the eraser tool, and finally write “Morning” with the Text tool and pinch it into the middle. Even add a GIF if you want as moving things catch people’s eye! I done an example of a sculpture from Daniel Arsham. This tip can be simple, but effective!

Daniel Arsham Illustrated Insta Story
Daniel Arsham sculpture with easy illustration

Hack #6: Return, return, return

Who knew the return button could be so handy for our stories? If you have one word in mind for your image, say, “OOTD”, keep pressing return for every letter and re-type it a couple times to make a long line down your screen. Play around with colour and add some writing behind it such as a brand name you’re wearing or a certain colour – just play around! Here’s my example from a photoshoot…

OOTD Bold Text Insta Story
OOTD shoot for Insta Story example

Hack #7: What the GIF!?

Above all, this is my personal fave hack I’ll be using from now on. Okay, so everyone uses GIF’s, right? But do you struggle to know what to find? Or even, do you know what’s out there? Head over to Pinterest to ignite some inspo! There’s sooo many artists that create GIF’s under a word, so you can keep some favourite themes in your notes for later. A couple faves I found were: Gladdest, Retro, Oursecon, chxrry and ilustralle! Here’s a collage mixing them together!

What the GIF!? Insta Story
What the GIF!? Collage of GIF’s for Insta Story

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