Interview with @gracealexandriaa

Interview by Ellie Trim

When did you first start getting into Instagram?

I always used Instagram throughout school but at that point there were never ‘influencers’. When I went to uni, I really came into my own style-wise and was inspired by creators like Matilda Djerf to start a new account that was a little more refined and aesthetically driven.  

Did you start posting for a purpose or was it just for fun?

Definitely for a purpose! When I started the account I currently use, I wanted to create a cool feed that was nothing like my old Instagram (where I just posted 2013 house party pics ahah).

Did you ever think your Instagram would grow like it has?

No! There was a period of time where I was stuck at around 1.5k followers for about a year and I thought I’d be stuck there forever. I still have a long way to go but the thought of hitting 10k is super exciting.

Do you feel as though you have a close relationship with your followers?

Absolutely. I have the most amazing bunch of people following me and I love that people feel like they can just message me for a chat. I always try to post Q&As or chat boxes on my story because I love interacting with everyone so much.

Where do you find inspiration for your content? Is it hard to keep making content for each of your social media platforms?

I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest! I don’t find it hard to keep making content but that’s probably because I rarely dedicate time to it. I follow some creators that post outfit photos every single day which I couldn’t do. I take content when I’m already out and about rather than going out just to take some photos.

How do you balance your work life, content creating and social life?

At the moment, I’m working part-time so I have a little more time on my hands! But like I said, I try to kill two birds with one stone and create content when I’m out with friends or my mum. I get the odd eye roll from my mum because she finds it embarrassing to stand in the middle of the road taking photos of me but she’s getting used to it ahah. 

Where do you see influencers and content creators going in the future? Is there space for everyone?

I think there’s definitely space for everyone but content creation and social media undoubtedly has some negatives. As a fashion graduate, I can’t fathom the idea of influencers robbing roles from experienced creatives (won’t name names, but it rhymes with schmolly schmae ahah). There’s also an odd side of Instagram where people dedicate their account to recreating someone else’s content? Very strange to me. Overall, I think it could possibly become over-saturated but for now it’s a great way of sharing a little slice of your world with others.

Where do you see your platform in a few years?

I truly have no clue! I’d like for it to grow even more and build a really lovely community. I’d also love to work with some more cool brands and see it flourish even more!

Do you feel as though you have to fit in with the latest trends on your platform to stay relevant?

Definitely not! I don’t cater my content to fit with trends at all. If I’m wearing something trendy then it’s a plus but I never plan it. I personally don’t think people follow others to stay up to date with the trends, I think it’s more about personal style because that’s way more inspiring. 

Where do you see social media heading in the future? Is there a certain platform taking over the rest?

I’m sad to say it but I think Instagram may eventually die. They are trying to do way too much! Reels, shopping, lives, wish lists, they’ve lost their niche. On the flip side of that, I think Instagram followers are the most respected, like if you say to someone you have a million Instagram followers it seems more impressive than having a million Twitter followers (in my opinion). TikTok is my absolute favourite platform, it’s so fun and the only social media that I actually scroll through! In the future there will be so many new platforms and I cannot wait.

How do you deal with the negativity surrounding social media? Do you feel as though TikTok is the worst place for it?

I think I’ve received two hate comments during my entire time on social media. The comments were on TikTok and they were racially directed towards my boyfriend. Overally, I think my content is quite vanilla so it’s hard to hate on it ahaha, I post food videos not controversial politics. I do however think that TikTok has a lot of trolls but Instagram are also awful at keeping on top of hate comments e.g. racial abuse towards footballers in the euros. 

What’s your favourite part about having a presence on social media?

I like chatting to like-minded people! I’ve made a few friends on social media who I regularly see in person and it brings me a lot of joy.