It’s cool to be kind! Spread the love with our top tips.

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Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day! It’s cool to be kind! Spread the love with our top tips – today’s the day to celebrate being kind. You could be a true do-gouda today with our 5 kindness tips. Lucky for you, Carbon has some ideas that cost nothing or not a lot! Which one will you be doing for Random Acts of Kindness Day today?

1. Be kind to the environment!

Reduce your Carbon footprint by saving energy whenever you can! Before I leave for Uni I turn my plugs off and I thought that was helping save money and energy, which it does, however, there’s a thing called “Phantom power”. It’s known as the energy used to power appliances and gadgets when they are turned off but plugged in! So, for today try to remember to unplug and be kind to the environment!

2. Leave a surprise in a library book!

There are tons of free routes to pursue for this, like writing a positive message or draw a picture. Even something as simple as “Stay off ASOS!” will be a relatable and funny reminder to save money. After that, if you’re confident enough, leave a phone number or social media handle and say “I’m here if you need someone to talk to.”. Sometimes with kindness we forget who needs it the most and it could be someone you don’t even know!

3. Start learning a new skill!

With kindness, as well as strangers sometimes we forget to be kind to ourselves. Some hobbies I’ve tried to get back into when I have free time is reading or researching how to make my own earrings. As well as researching how to make my own clothes/remodel charity/vintage clothes – we work hard enough, so put money and energy into something that you enjoy or relaxes you! It’s never too late.

4. Give a gift card!

If you’re a working student or have some extra money left over, even just a £10 ASOS voucher can help a friend out! Personally I plan to put some money on a ASDA voucher and give it to someone homeless! Over summer when people are planning holidays/when it’s too hot for the homeless and they become dehydrated – this is when this kindness idea could be the most important one. Kindness to strangers and friends can give the same reactions both ways, everyone’s happy!

5. Help out in the kitchen!

So many of us can have long-gruelling days at Uni (especially if you work too), but if you have a short day or even a day off, how about wiping down the sides and table? Or hoovering/sweeping up the floor? I personally load the dishwasher with whatever’s on the worktop to clear the sides and everyone’s stuff gets cleaned! Obviously if you don’t have a dishwasher, simply boiling the kettle and leaving someone’s greasy pan/tray/pot to soak can really help them out later on.

In conclusion, there are so many ways of being kind, and today I hope Carbon sparked some inspiration whether it’s towards friends, strangers, flatmates or even yourself. It’s cool to be kind! Spread the love with our top tips today!