It’s International Day of Happiness! These photos are guaranteed to make you smile

We’re celebrating International Day of Happiness here at Carbon HQ, so what better way to spread some happy than these mood boosting animal photos?

This little seal *might* just be the cutest thing we’ve seen – can we keep him?

Not a cat person? You will be once you’ve seen these cuddly kittens

Easter is just around the corner and this bunny and chick are BFF goals

Is this the happiest dog ever? We think so!

Elephants never forget, and we won’t forget this picture anytime soon!

This little hedgehog’s fashion sense has our stamp of approval

This cheeky hippo is ready for Tounge-Out-Tuesday!

Nothing better than ice cream on a sunny day, eh?

Baby sloths are SO underrated!

Is this tortoise the smallest animal you’ve ever seen!?

What are your top tips to feel happy? Let us know by tagging us @carbononcampus

By Erin O’Farrell