Life after lock-down: here’s what we’re most excited about

It’s very easy for us to look at the negatives of the current situation going on in the world. From not being able to see our friends and go out to parties, to being out of work, it all seems very dull. However we have to remember to think about the positive things at the moment and what is to come in life after lock-down.

Seeing our elderly friends and relatives

The UK being on lock-down may seem like the worst thing for us socially, however, we our protecting the elderly.

When this is all over everyone will be able to see their elderly friends and relatives, and we will certainly be more appreciative of them.

This is such an important moment to look forward to as not only have we been separated from them, but many of them may have been forced to self-isolate by themselves which can be incredibly lonely!

So let’s look forward to our first cuddles with our older relatives!

Finally getting that long-awaited holiday

Maybe you had a holiday coming up soon which sadly had to be cancelled, or maybe you were really looking forward to celebrating the end of exams in summer. Either way it is definitely a bummer to adjust your plans.

However, we must think about the amazing holidays or week-end getaways we will have when this is over! Lock-down has given us a bit more time where we can perhaps get our summer bodies ready or plan our next holiday destination!

Adventures with our friends

After Lock-down there will be so much freedom that we won’t even know what to do with it! Think about all the lovely places you and your friends can explore together soon. The sun will be shining and the days will be longer, it will be the perfect opportunity to go on adventures!

During your daily lock-down walk you may already be going places you haven’t before but keep them in your bookmarks and bring your friends there next time, for a picnic!

Shopping sprees

Sure, during lock-down you may be bored and you’re definitely missing your 2 nights out a week however, all the money you would usually be spending, is also on a lock-down but in your bank account!

Once everything goes back to normality, there will be nothing better than a nice day out of therapy shopping! Especially if you are wearing your favourite pair of joggers everyday… We may need an upgrade!

Going on nights-out

Possibly the thing that is getting a lot of us through this nightmare.. the moment we can put our favourite clothes and make up on, see our friends, and get drinking again!

I’m sure if you are a person who loves clubbing you probably didn’t realise that the last time you went out drinking would be your last. It’s very bitter-sweet. However, it just means that when we finally get to hit up the clubs again we will do it bigger and better!

I know for a fact that in life after lock-down I won’t take a night out for granted again!

by Cyra Watts